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I'm not entirely sure where this poem came from, but it did, and i'll share it haha:

A shriek escapes your
mouth and sends chills
down my spine.
You were always the
strong one. Your head
held high. But now you’ve
come undone. Your
porcelain skin battered
and bruised. You’ve
become our worst fears
torn apart by our deepest
lies. Tears flood our
faces and we both know
we’re living on borrowed
time. Listen to your heart
beat weaken. Tears
continue to fall, from my
cheeks. to your chest. I’ll
hold you close one more
time. Lips quiver in fear.
Fingers tremble at the
touch. They trace your
wounds feeling every
fight and every tear
ever shed. Morning
draws nearer and we
both know only one of
us will be see another
night fall. I’ve lost you.
Cold sweat covers my
brow and I cry. I cry more
then I have ever cried
before. I try to bring
you back. Panic over
rides me. This is a lie
a fairy tale. I’ll pinch
my arm and it’ll all
be over. But it’s not.
This is real. The monster
finally did a number on
you. On us. Pills lay
strewn across the floor.
One was never enough for
you. You kept pushing
your luck further and
further until it finally
got the best of you.
Your heart finally
gave into the evils
that kept you awake
each night. And now,
I sit here. I wait my turn.
I’ll cuddle up to your
cold dead body, and
fall asleep to the
echo of your scream.


Wow Cassie. Did you watch a scary movie or something?
Man you felt that one!! Or are you worried about someone and you think they are in grave danger?
Sometimes I have had dreams like your poem and I use to analyze my dreams by reading books about dreams. Sometimes these feeling can simply come from fearing the unknown or simply having anxiety about an up coming event or more seriously maybe losing a job.


And i felt that one...if it weren't for me being a bottled up person i would have definitely been crying excessively cause of this one.


Very good! Very dark. I hope all is well with you and the people you care about. I guess it says a lot to the power of the poem, that I am not genuinely concerned for your safety and the safety of the person you love in this poem. Watching people leave this world (whether literally or metaphorically) is hard. Well done.


luv'd it,darker the better,real feeling&fear,like a scary movie,that i missed & shouldn't have..keep it up..x roger


just awhile ago,I knew you,now I don't,people can be cruel,with a few words,but who?,care's do you,do i cry inside,u'll never know....


people say,I must change,wot lose the beard,how weird,& cut my hair,why do they care?why must I change,it makes no sence,no reconpence for how I think,no smell or stink,no perfumed cloths,to turn an eye my way,just go away,I will not change,goodbye..

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