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why does love have to hurt so bad? - Writers Nook

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conflicted within the days my terrors haunt me they linger to stay,
it's free and there's nothing quite like it some people feel as if it does
not exsist for which flaw i cannot grasp,
seems distant from my view but it calls me interrupting my deepest thought,
which hand do i take whose heart to choose ?



Do I need someone who will care.
A friend, a lover
Someone to share.
To smile and laugh when we feel glad.
To hold me close when I am sad.

I'm so alone an ache inside
An empty feeling
I can't abide.
Loneliness like a cancer grows
A hurt so deep but nobody knows.

I did love once, it brought such pain.
Taken away
Not seen again.
A happy life so torn apart.
Deep scars across both mind and heart.

It's safe to remain apart, alone.
A lonely King
On a lonely throne.
The walls around me high and wide,
You out there, me trapped inside.

If I open up and let you in
Will it hurt again?
That path I've 'bin
I don't want to live alone and sad
But I hesitate to move; it still hurts so bad.


Dreams, the precious glass of life
Sparkling, clean, fragile, beautiful;
Through which the world looks much kinder,
Holding in shinning glory a silver lining.
A promise of what can be:
A hope of joy to come:
A glimpse of aspirations realised.

But fragile glass is so easily broken,
Beauty now lying in a thousand shards.
The glory gone, unable to repair,
To piece together that which once was precious.
Broken glass is sharp,
Cuts deep and raises blood.
Searing wounding hurt
A shinning promise now a source of pain.


that's it... exactly what i couldn't quite put in words i don't think most people relize to feel as if you're the only one that hurts


No I don't think they do, and you can't say in words that empty gnawing hollow feeling you have inside that wont ever go away.

I know how it feels "so lay your hurt on the pillow of my care and rest in sleep till the day dawns a little brighter"


that's beautiful, an yet so true thank you for that .


love is perhaps the most powerful thing on the planet. It is the one thing that can make you happier than ever, or feel as if your soul has been taken from you. Although the pain that it brings can be devastating, try not to forget that just as bad as it can be, there is still the potential for it to be just as great. The harsh reality is this; the same thing that makes you laugh will make you cry. I feel your pain. I'm overcoming a heartbreak of my own... Stay stong.

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