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Does race play a role in the gay community?? - Gay Guys! <3

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Recently a guy posted an discussion over the questions about asians. It got me to thinking. What ,or how much of a role if any,does race play in the gay community. Personally when I lived in Germany I was treated as someone special. Not only was I an ex-GI,but I was black,and they love black people in Germany,atleast they did at one time. Russia is the same.

But what I see in my home land is totally different. We are so racially divided that even in the gay community there are differences. Haven't we seen enough prejudice to relise that it makes no sense? Sure there are are cultural differences,but aren't we understanding enough,and grown enough to understand culture? Still we live by the teaching of our parents. What I'm trying to say is that I still see racisim in our community. That makes us no better than the rest. So when people protest against us,just what is our defense? The,"We are just as human as you" defense is weak. We have to show the rest of the world that we are not the prejudice,hating,"my culture doesn't except your culture" type of people.We have to be the exception.

We should listen to the words of John lennon,and really give peace a chance.But even here on this site I see indifferences. I pride myself in not discrimminating. I don't care what you are,you can be an alien,as long as you fit my fantasy(Yes i do have a preference,young and skinny),but we all do,so don't try to tell me you don't. But answer me this. Why don't chinese guys,or japanese guys like black guys? I'll admit that hiphop shit,and wearing your pants to the floor and speaking ebonics turns me off just the same,but is that an excuse? Yeah maybe cause I can't stand that shit either. Still i think it is important not to say,"oh he's black,or he's white,or oh he's latin,or whatever. We are all gay,and we will have our indifferences,but it shouldn't be becuase of race or culture. It should be becuase you just don't like someones persona


Just venting.

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