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My Valentine? - Lesbian Ladies

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thanks! in the meantime... watchout taiwan!! I'm super activisty, and I intend to cause some trouble!

....though honestly I dont know what I can do. Taiwan is the most progressive place in all Asia, holds hte record on largest gay pride parade [which they reset EVERY year. it's a point of taiwanese national pride actually]


well cassy has a point. those who do celebrate valentines for whatever reason, seem to go about it in a reluctant way.. i mean pocrastinators? someone who procrastinated getting a loved one a present for valentines day seems to show such lack of effort.

if i was in a relationship, i would be taking her out for a meal or a walk along the beach at sunset, something thats out of the ordinary to other days, but i wouldnt settle to just getting her a box of chocolates and a card, i want something that would reach her heart not her stomach.

besides, i would be taking her on many special little dates at times when she wont be expecting it because im the hopeless romantic type. i would sometimes surprise her using valentines day to take her for a normal date that i would have planned to do... and when she thinks thats it for valentines, the following day i would take her somewhere amazing, and tell her that valentines day is just another day, and if im going to show her how much i love her, it wont be at the beck and call of a commercial holiday, just the beck and call of her heart

i know its cheesy. but true love is the love that expressed on the days which ARENT valentines day. because now valentines day serves as the opposite to what it was meant to, it doesnt show love at all. love that has to be reluctantly shown, isnt true love.


valentines day is a waste of money you should love someone everyday and show them that not just on valentines, its become a marketing ploy for shop owners and a joke to be honest, ive never celebrated it but my best mates b-day is on valentines also so we just celebrate that instead.although i do like charlies idea of a walk on the beach at sunset!!!!!

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