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" Surviving LIfe" - Poetry Group

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I wrote this when I was losing everything to survive when I was unemployed.

“Surviving Life”

Jumping in the dumpster,
Looking for food,
Surviving the war,
Of the unemployment line,

No bullets here,
Just worries from day to day,
Finding the electric savior,
To keep our heads dry.

Sales signs,
Of houses and goods,
Stand on the highways,
For everyone’s good.
Helping to pay the piper,
You meet eye to eye,
Making deals to survive each day;
From couches, dressers,
And even t.v.’s,
Line the streets,
Of forgotten dreams.

And looking for a new beginning,
From everyday struggles,
Of mundane strife.

Prayers of hope,
Fill the daily mind,
While melancholy,
Strolls through the house,
And corners of depression,
Try to seep into each night.
Reaching out,
For a positive feel,
Of a high energy,
Surrounding your space,
Hoping for a sudden spark,
Of divine intervention,
From prayers of grace.

Surviving daily,
As you learn the ropes,
To the right timing,
For everyday nooks.

Discovering yourself,
In a different light,
When you entered the jungle,
Of everyday life.

Excited for the challenge,
Of what you will find,
Besides a mirror,
Of your wondering mind.

Never giving up,
Is the key,
You will find,
New treasures of gold,
Found from trash,
Of others minds,
To use and savor,
While my mind wanders.
Surviving life


Wow.. This is mind catching makes me thankful for what i do have, compared to what little people live with each day. Thank you for suggesting i read this. It gives me faith.


yes it made me stronger in the long run and I am still struggling as I only have a part time job now but have many talents. I cannot be on my feet all day anymore due to a car accident and also from being attacked.
I might lose my house if I can't get a full time job. I had money Isaved that paid it for 15 months but now I have not paid anything since last April.


It is beautifully written and I completely get it as I am having to file for disability. there are grants out there to help pay bills. try applying for some of them. they just minght save your day. hang in there. I'll keep you in my prayers. always, kel


I have a part time job now but what type of grants are out there to help with bills. I was not aware there are any. Can you point me in the right direction. I have seen them on line but I check into it and you end up having to pay for a program and then it does not lead anywhere from what someone told me once. I know you should not have to spend money to get assistance but I don't know the first thing about applying and have not gotten too far researching it either in the past.

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