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Im Alone on this path But theres a light - Poetry Group

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I'm alone on this path
This path to nowhere
I'm alone in my house
Empty from top to bottom
My heart shattered to pieces
My eyes all cried out

The lights are always out
This path is always Dark
My Heart scatered all over the floor,
Blood running down my arms
My eyes shut tight
This path is dark

Theres a light at the end
I run towards it But it gets further
and further away.
I stop...
I look around
People are crying
People are hurt

What am I doing?
I'm hurting myself along
with others.
Thats not what i want thats not who i am.
This path is long but I have a light to shine down on.


Wow! This sounds like you want to end it all because of your pain but you do not want to hurt those you may leave behind and you know it is not right but have hope because you need to find a way to shine. I wish you well my friend.
I have a poem I will share next when I was out of work and having someone help me get food out of dumpsters from the grocers that was frozen and we thawed it out to cook and eat and then I sold all my goods to survive. It's called
"Surviving LIfe" Look for it in this poem section.


I love how you vent all this pain ending in the realization that its not you. That, the light is what's important. There is light. There is hope. Nothing is permanent except change. Well done.

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