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The cries in the middle of the night screaming for help.
Tears running down my face, cruled up with my knees to my chest.
Lost and confused in a daze.

I long for someone to hold me.
I'm hurting deep inside.
This inner Demon scratching at my heart
Taring me to pieces.
Piece by piece
Day by Day

What does this demon want?
Where did this demon come from?

The nights get harder as the days get longer
My Demon taring at my heart
My Demon killing me slowly
My Demon who I'm so afraid of inside me

This demon is my enemy
This demon is my one thing that holds me back from all
I Scream for help but yet no one hears me
My inner Demon has me in a Daze.


Its called the worst kind of lonlieness. You can still have friends but still be lonely because you are not connecting to them in the way you need to. Seek out clubs maybe or find a nice friend to confide in on this site somewhere.
We have all been there with that feeling and you express it with such deep expression. Keep writing as it is also healing. I had to learn to be happy with me by myself and once I did that my poetry changed.
Very powerful poem here.


I agree with Jeanie most powerful. Keep writing and talking. Let someone in. You hold the keys to the kingdom. If you've been hurt before, face it, own it, then you can get past it. It is done. It can't hurt you anymore. I've been there. It's all ok now. Just look and see the truth for yourself. Your free of your demon when you do.


Amen!! It is okay to go through the pain but just like anything in life we must let it go are we get addicted to it. When I went through my depression I welcomed it but then I had a hard time getting out of the hole as it became a friend as it made me feel even though it was not a good feeling - I was feeling!!
Now I have put it to bed and use my mind to challenge my existence and survive which has been a better friend to me and push through the gaunlet of procrastinatiion which I am still working on.

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