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I’m writing a book and I need everyone’s help! Especially from, but not limited to, those in the LGBT community that have considered suicide. Please write a letter telling your LGBT story. I know it’s hard putting it into one letter, but the lives it may change is worth the effort. I’m looking for anything less than four pages and starting with “Dear You”. It could be a letter, a poem, or even a few words.

Please attach your letter in an email to lgbtbook@yahoo.com . Also if possible, but not required, please include your first name, last name, and age, and a picture if willing. If you choose to include a picture of yourself, please make sure it’s something you would be proud to place in a published book.
Have fun writing! Remember, this is your chance to tell your story, and this is our chance to show others that their not alone.

Any questions or comments can also be directed to lgbtbook@yahoo.com
Thanks and have fun!

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