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Its not my best poem, more of a rant. but i thought i might post it;p
Such a fickle thing.
Its ever changing
emotions throw
you around like
a man on a bull.
You’ll be lucky
to last eight
seconds in a
sane state of
mind. But yet
we keep trying.
We try to find
new friendship
to replace the old,
or let the old replace
the new. But what
does this actually
accomplish anything?
But then there are
those friends, that
you know will last
forever. The ones
that are there for
you know matter
what. They read
your minds and
finish your
sentences. Some
know you better
then you know
yourself. These
are the friends
abuse the most.
The ones that
that really care
are always the ones
to be forgotten about,
thrown away like a
dirty rag. Such a hard
habit to break. But they
cycle goes on, the tears
shed over the loss
of our friends and the
cycle goes on. There
has to be a way to
break it. Ideas can be
argued, but it’s easier
said then done.
But then I hang out with
you, and the answer seems
very clear. Stop wasting time
on people who don’t care.
Spend time with the people
who only make you cry when
it’s from laughter or sappy
movies. Hang out with those
friends who you trust with
all of your biggest secrets.
The ones who just know
from looking at you what’s
wrong and know what to
say. Friends like that are
priceless. Tell them you
love them, because when
they’re gone, you’re going
to wish you did.


i suppose, its one of my only happy poems, but i struggle to write about things that are happy. i don't feel as connected to the poem as i do with my other ones.

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