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My love, so deep
Like the depth of the ocean, my love for you
So pure my love, so pure for you
As pure as a angel’s heart my love for you
Loyal my love, so loyal to you
To stand by your side, and be the beat to your heart, this is for you
To be honest my love, another gift for you
Look in my eyes and see what’s inside, my love my eyes will never lie
So gentle my love, my love for you
From every touch I touch you, and every kiss I kiss you, will be gentle as a feather against your soft skin and be a angel’s kiss to your heart from mine, so gentle my love so gentle inside
Understanding my love, to understand your heart
To look deep inside your soul and understand who you are, understanding for you, my heart to yours
My last gift for you my love, to be compassionate and unconditional, my love for you
To love you always for you and you alone, never to change you
Present or future love you for you my love is true
My gifts but of many I give from my heart, when nothing else I have to give these will stay forever and always my love for you.
So please accept these gifts and keep them near,
For when you are gone my soul you will hear

By:Annette Diaz


Thats better



Didn't I tell you that I was lost?
That I was afraid?
Didn't I say I had lost my way?
Had nowhere to turn.
About to drown in a sea of fear.
No longer able to face the world.
Unable to sort out who I was.
To face the world at all.

Then you reached out to me
Reached out to touch my heart.
Helped my soul to free.
Of my life became a part.

Didn't I tell you I was alone?
Had no one to love.
I knew in my heart that no one would care
If I lived or died.
I knew my life would not bring me love.
There would be no one my dreams to share.
Doomed to a life of bitter remorse
I knew I could not face.

Then you reached out to me.
Reached out to touch my heart.
Helped my soul to free.
Of my life became a part.

Then you reached out to me.
Reached out to touch my heart
Helped my soul to free.
Of my life became a part.



Do I need someone who will care.
A friend, a lover
Someone to share.
To smile and laugh when we feel glad.
To hold me close when I am sad.

I'm so alone an ache inside
An empty feeling
I can't abide.
Loneliness like a cancer grows
A hurt so deep but nobody knows.

I did love once, it brought such pain.
Taken away
Not seen again.
A happy life so torn apart.
Deep scars across both mind and heart.

It's safe to remain apart, alone.
A lonely King
On a lonely throne.
The walls around me high and wide,
You out there, me trapped inside.

If I open up and let you in
Will it hurt again?
That path I've 'bin
I don't want to live alone and sad
But I hesitate to move; it still hurts so bad.



Black clouds threatening on all sides;
Impending doom, nowhere to hide;
About to drown on an incoming tide.
But there's a light on the far horizon.

All is black, no light from a moon;
The sun has gone, night came too soon;
Alone and unloved in an empty room.
But there's a single bright star in the sky.

Nowhere to turn, there's no way out;
All my dreams have been put to rout;
"Do you hate me so much!" to God I shout.
But there's some hope , and it's given by you.



A soulless life, black, without a song.
What happened, where did I go so wrong?
Where did I go wrong, the music die?
How is it where I sang, I now cry?

I did sing once, not great symphonies:
Simple tunes a boy could sing with ease.
Those gentle happy songs, laughter filled
That cruelty, and puberty, have killed.

The harmony died, choked by the dark
Depth of tears where once rose a lark.
Such Fear, Depression, and Suicide
The cancer of silence grew, hope died.

But now I hear some notes, faint but clear.
Not yet a tune, but something I can hear.
It's faint, it's crude, but comes from the heart.
But when refined, I may have a part.

A melody formed to lift the soul,
And harmony sweet to make it whole.
So again, one day, I'll dance and sing.
I'll laugh again, that's the hope you bring.


What does echos of Rumi mean??


Some or your verse sounds like some of the verse that the eleventh century poet and mystic Rumi wrote, about his love for his beloved mentor Shems. Google him see what comes up. Rumi saw and wrote about the divine mystical aspects of love between two people. You have captured some of the same feeling. This is about Soul transforming love, that is beyond the purely physical tough is does not eschew the physical. The physical is simply vessel that holds the truth of who we are imagine a ship in a storm tossed sea the soul is like the course the captan has set. Very rich this view of love you allude to in your verse.


I never been compared to a mystic or real poet before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not an expert on technique or anything like that but I love Rumi's poetry and your poems evoke similar feelings in me. There is a rawness an edge that cuts through the delusions of love as in Rumi. My main criteria for the verse I enjoy is does it ring true.


Thanks it is awesome to be compared to a real poet, thanks!!

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