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Im having trouble posting up a story i wrote - Writers Nook

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I was able to up load my story on this one hmm.

It was all just a dream

There screeming and yelling over something so small,

I close my door and turn my music on blast hoping to drown out the sound, I lay here on my bed with the pillow over my ears tears running down my face, I just want to get out of here run far far away. I closed my eyes for split secound and i opened them to find myself on a park bench with snow falling on my face. I look around not sure of where im at but its beautiful the ground is coverd in white snow the trees look like a painting, i stand up and i turn in a complete circle thinking to myself "It's beautiful" I have seen this place before but i wasnt sure. I decided to explore and walk around the park, it was super cold but im glad that i had my jacket and two hoodies under that. I start to wonder whats gonna happen once i get home am i gonna be in trouble?

I have been walking around for about 25 min now and the park is very quiet. i start searching around looking for people or animals. i go over this bridge i get to the other side and to my suprise theres this old man no jacket or blanket shivering from the cold. I walk over to him and i look at him I cant see his face its blacked out... I reach my hand out and he grabs it i pull him up and I ask what his name is i get no response. He then looks at me yet i still cannot see his face, we walk in silence i decided i would take him to the shelter we had here in our town. We finally arrived to the shelter, to my amasment there was no one to be found it was quiet. I helped him to a cot where he layed down i went and grabed him some blankets and handed them to him he finally spoke... "Thank you" where the two words that came out of his mouth. I was shocked for he had finally spoken yes i knew the man could speak but i didnt expect for him to talk any time soon. "no need to thank me" I said as i looked at him. I walked away to run to the corner store. Again it was so quiet no one around, I grabed what i needed and left an IOU note on the manager door. I ran back to the shelter and mad the man a cup of tea along with soup and walked it over to him. "here you go" i said to the man. " Thank you darling, if you wouldnt mind getting me a cup of ice water i would gladly appreciate it" the old man had said. I stood there in silence looking at him for a couple secounds, for No one has asked me to get them a cup of ice water in 10 years. It was weird i was speechless i walked over to the kitchen and was going through the cabinents looking for a cup i opend them all Nothing all empty, then i decided to open it again and appeared this BIG RED GULP cup from 7/11.

Was this a sick joke someone was playing on me? I looked around No one was around. I grabed the cup and filled it with ice and water i took it to the old man. he grabed it without words. I looked down at my feet and just dozed off thinking. This old man cold and needy i did a good thing helping him. All of sudden i felt something touch my sholder I looked at the floor beside me and saw the old mans feet my eyes wondered up for i was trying to dry my tears quickly before i looked at the man. I got to his arm and i paused, "Why look at his face? nothing to see" i said to myself but somethin something in the back of my mind told me to look i looked up his face was no longer black.......

His eyes were brownish green his face had a small scruffy beard growing grey and a little black. I looked at his nose it was big then i got a full view of his face. I fell to the ground bursting in tears wishing the pain would go away this is a crule joke i screamed the old mans hands never left my sholder i looked up at him and said why? He shook his head back and forth no words, there are never words. the old man took his hand off and reached into his pant pocket and pulled out glasses and put them on. i looked up at him again he smiled and nodded, I looked back at the floor still tears falling from my eyes like a horrible storm filling the sky. The old man reaches down for me. "take my hand for it will be alright" he says. I hesitate but i reach out for it. I stood up and i looked at him, I was hurting so bad but yet i was happy. I gave him a giant hug he didnt smell like a homeless man at all he smelt the way he always did. I asked why did he leave? How is he back? where is Jonathan, did you bring him back too? He looked at me and his eyes teared up."Crystal" he says to me "always remeber whenever the going gets rough when ever you wanna give up on life, or when you feel hopless and empty inside We are always in your heart always with you No matter what." I felt my stomach drop i had no words for a couple min, "Lets go home, moms at home shell be happy to see you" i said. He looked at me with sadden eyes "I can't go home with you, she cant see me right now" he says to me. "Crystal always remeber your a strong women and ill always love you Jonathan will always love you we are proud of who you have became always fight for what you believe in." he said to me. I started crying again. I gave him a hug once again not knowing that it would be my last. "Crystal Stay strong, follow your dreams and your heart, i got to go now my time is up" was the last words he said to me as he walked out of the shelter doors. I layed on cot crying and crying i closed my eyes for a split secound to wake up to the yelling and screaming. I ran out of my room and down to the shelter then to the park but nothing. everyone was around dogs barking people talking. I went home and back to my room closed and locked my door went to my closet and took out a picture of my Grandfather who had died 10 years ago It was all just a dream.


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