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The Fire

It seeths within you.
As I touch your body,
The warmth that overwhlems you,
Ignites my soul.

Burn through me.
Endless in nature.
As your beauty glows through it,
And yeilds inside of me.

Feel it lady,
The heat.
Between us in motion.
Forever moving,
Fiercely enraged.

Without sin.
You are complete,
Endless moments,
Turning our bodies into infernos,
Lighting up our world in the night,
In the heat of our desires.

Sweat dripping,
Ecstacy climaxing,
Not surrendering to the flame,
Smoldering inside,
Controlled patience,
Tempting the fire within....


Thanks for the kind words


umm. i really like this. i'm usually pretty good at being critical (not critical bad, just critical in my analysis of why i like something). but i just read this three times in a row and all i could come up with...is..... i really like this.

its moving. not in a sappy way, in a physical way. which is obviously the point. it draws you in with each line. you can read it and let it flow over you but at the same time you have to take in each line individually.

well done.

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