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So i'm not sure what you guys will think of this, i've been told its kinda twisted. Maybe it's because I'm twisted myself, i guess thats for the reader to try and figure out ;]

S i l e n c e.

tell them it didn’t happen,
watch their smiles
disappear. It must

be your fault again.
It always is. Why do
you do this?

Is it for the attention?
Or are you actually
bleeding on the

inside. Looking for the
love no one could
give to you.

Don’t go blaming
other people. You
did this to yourself.

You saw the tears
in her eyes. but you
still did it. Why?

What did she ever
do to you? You cut
her up. Left her
bleeding. Drops
of her blood stain
you heart. Can you

hear her calling you?
Give her back her heart.
How do you live with

yourself, knowing that
you destroyed her?
left her with nothing.

Don’t fuck it up again.
Do you even care?
You killed her!

Look at her ghost
in the mirror. Stop
ignoring it.

you’re one in the
same. You’re killing
yourself. Everything

you knew about
yourself has changed.
Stop this, or you’ll
be forever

S i l e n t

Put the bottle down.
You know it drives you insane.
The little voices speak to you.

They call your name, I know
just as much as you do. Its
chocolate tone, drawing you

in. Constricting your every
movement. It Consumes you,
until there is nothing left. You

try to feed it. The monster you’ve
created. But it’s never enough.
you’re stuck in a game you

can’t win. Listen to the voices
now. So temperamental. Do
you really have this under

control? They’re angry again.
give them what they want.
I know you want to.

listen to the voices scream.
just try to deny them. They
posses you. shake you.

There is no way out.
who do you have to blame?
not me! I told you so.

Why couldn’t you believe me?
now we’re both stuck in this
shit hole. Feed them.

The voices. They’re hungry.
It’s okay, shove me aside
I’m used to it. Just promise

me you’ll get help. Because
we can’t do this much longer
we’re falling apart.

There is no way out.


i like it! i may be a little twisted too though :P


Haha well its very possible. I think all of us are a little twisted, but some of us choose to show it


Sounds like you and my ex got together when she decided she had to have me back and i wouldn.t have it. she cried to her bottle and my friends for weeks. and it was all my fault. I had alread taken her back twice and been left for my best friends each time. I had had enough twisted. lol. we all have it in us. dont feel bad. : )


I think when I was writing them, there were about a self struggle, like me battling against myself, but I tend to subconsciously write about the first girl i liked, and how at times she lifted me high, then take me to a place so low, i'm not sure how i survived. but thank god that is over.


Cassie i agree with you, i sense the highs and lows...but again" great."

however..... i dont think they are twisted, they are very powerful and extremely emotional. and so it seems twisted, there's a lot going on in them and the emotions are all over the place. but it is what gives it character...(twisted feeling).
love them.

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