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I saw you standing ,standing without a care.
I saw you standing with a picture of someone a tear.
I could feel you falling down in the hole
I could feel you falling with no one to hold.

listening to your words and echoing your misery through the leaves that fall to the ground oh how drizzly.
I heard you echo come back to me now
and all you got was silence and your shadow from the sun.

I heard you whispering to the breeze take this pain from me.
what i have lost and what i need from you there is no god
because there was no miracle.
there is no god but who created him higher power of beings
took care of it.

so now i stand here waiting for a reply
so now i stand here waiting this i can not deny
so now i stand here waiting with courage at hand
now i stand here waiting and i have just grabbed your hand.
the true belief that one has one soul mate despite all pain and suffering
the true form of a love so magical it is like a dream to be in.
what we do in this life is how we come out as souls and what we do is hold on to one single thought.

so next time your wondering what it is like to die prepare yourself to live and all will have an impact on you and your loved ones .
to truely admire yourself for the little things.

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