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these are some more of my poems that i've written, some of it is about my past, and some of it is some struggles that my friends are currently going through. After reading a few of the poems from other people on this site, I've realized i'm not really all that metaphorical, more ranting and some how it turns into a poem shaped think haha

I Remember Happier Days,
They come back in a blue haze. Slowly, but
surely. Images of little kids playing circle me.
But the most vivid ones are of you. Your eyes
sparkling with optimism as you tell me it’s going
to be alright. You filled my soul with hope.
You made me feel whole in a world that is so broken.
Remember the days when our friendship was secret.
Like a firefly, only truly seen at night. But we kept it
to ourselves. And probably for the better. Do you
really think our parents would understand?
They had enough on their plates. But you helped me
see through that. You saw the good in everyone.
I only wish that I had those qualities. You had a way
of calming people. With the touch of your hand,
all troubles would disappear. I can only try to
even compare to you. How did you do it?
I suppose I’ll never know. The memories
fade rapidly, and I am reminded that I am only human.
And I am stuck with memories of darker times.
Left wish that I could see you, just one last time.

Leave it to me
To find a destructive way to feel good.
Do you know what I’m talking about?
People warn you not to do it. But
you just can’t beat the rush, the feeling
of uncontrolled happiness. Like every
bone in your body is screaming for joy.
Is that so wrong? Don’t you want
me to be happy?
More pills to feed your monster. The more
you take the more you need. You’re body
becomes accustomed to even the smell of
them. Your body trembles at the sound
that bottle opening. But you need it.
You need it so bad, you could kill for it.
These are just the small things. I swear
I am in control of this.
You’re heart skips a beat, but this is nothing
new. Try to stagger to the porch to answer the
door. Can you even walk? You’ve become a
slave to this addiction. Yes addiction. You’re
addicted. Just admit it. Listen to someone
for once; there are so many people who care.
Do you not have any confidence in me?
It’s not like I’m doing something illegal
You make people part in the hallway like Moses.
The only difference is that you have no followers.
No one is willing to be associated with you now.
We’ve tried so hard to reach out to you, but we’ve
given up hope. I can only hope you get help.
I’m all alone now. Please. Come back. I swear
I’ll change. Just, don’t leave me….

In this poem, double life, they are supposed to be beside each other, but it doesn't work out that way when i post it, so it looks kinda messy, i put the '|' thing to break up the poem a bit so you can see where the other side of the poem is, when you write it in here it shows that its broken, but then when you post it, all the lines merge into one haha, sorry about that.

Don’t judge me. |I whispered in her ear
you’re my parents. |to be careful. I can’t afford
It’s your job to be |to let my parents know.
accepting. |she’s so hard to deny. .

I hide in shadows |Am I doing this for me or
while you fight over |to rebel against my parents.
the stupidest things |The question seem almost

like who’s turn it is |irrelevant when her eyes meet
to take out the laundry. |mine; her lips, so perfect. The
But that can’t be the reason |thought of them against mine
you’re really fighting. |sends chills throughout my

Could it be that you’re |body. How can this be wrong?
daughter’s a lesbien? |Am I really a sinner? It just
It couldn’t be! |doesn’t seem right.

No such thing will live |But she keeps me warm at
in your household. |night. She makes me feel
I’m sorry. I shouldn't have |the safest I’ve ever felt.
suggested something |But she’s not always there

so obscured. I’ll stop now |to protect me now is she
daddy. Just don’t yell at me |daddy? As soon as I can
again. Please! Just stop it! |I’m moving out of this hell house

I promise I’ll fit the shoes |away from you daddy. Away from
you’ve set out for me. Just |your judging eyes. I’ll date
don’t hurt me. |who ever I want and I’ll be happy.


Very complicated well written, intensly emotionally charged poetry. It is most definitely not ranting. atleast you type and edit your spelling better than I. lol. Keep writing. number one it is good for you, number two you are good at it. kel


thank you, that means a lot to me. and your poetry is good, i just tend to be a perfectionist in stuff like that, but we all slip sometimes ;]


very powerful and emotional, can feel the angst!


the last one (the double one) is interesting. I like it a lot. It is dark, but hopeful in a way. I even like the way it comes out on here. As I read it I kept forgetting where the breaks between the two poems were and reading all the way across the lines. Or I would read a little of one then switch to the other and read that for a few lines. Oddly enough, it still works that way. It's almost like a choose your own adventure poem.

I like how the second one sort of ends where the first one begins. It's almost like a poetry form of the Taijitu (Yin and Yang) Symbol.


I've never thought about it that way, thanks. the double one, i wrote one side then i wrote a poem to go one the other side and it didn't fit, it became the poem shackled. and then i wrote something for the other side that seemed to fit a bit more. and i never thought about it that way, i wrote the two top poems on the same day so maybe thats why it seems that way.

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