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car accident...please pray... - The Gay Christian Network

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my spiritual bros n' sisters please pray fer my half sister. she just got into a car accident not of her fault. please pray fer her. thanks my love to all,kenny xoxoxoxo


she is in our prayers Kenny


Trust God in all things, let your faith not be shaken, by misfortune, or disaster, know and believe your half sister is in His Hands come what may. The Devil loves to see if we will turn towards God, or away from Him, in misfortune or when times are bad, We raise you and her up in our prayers that you both, stay strong in faith, trusting in His Divine Providence, that all will turn out for good.
Stay strong and do not either despair or be shaking, in faith.
God love you and her, she maybe your half sister, but let your hearts make you whole in faith and love.
As we love you both, and commend you both in prayer to Him.


thanks xoxoxoxo


+++++++++++++++No problem++++++++++++++++


Ken know that god is with your sister as his son paid the ultimate price. First he knew us and our trials before we were ever born. Then by his strpes we were healed, he was pierced for our iniquities,k and his blood was shed that the veil between the Father God was wrent that we may speak with him directly. Now check this out It has been hangimg on my wall fo years.

I Prayed - And loads were lifted.

I Prayed - And storms were stilled.

I Prayed - And hands were strengthened,
feet were guided,
needs were filled.

I Prayed - And doors were opened.

I Prayed - And work was done,

I Prayed - And hearts were melred,
lives were changed,
and souls were won.

I Prayed - And God responded,
his miracleswere everywhere.

The world was blessed , the Kingdom hastened

Hope that helps you it helps me. God bless and keep you and yours. kel

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