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I just have been here for 3months
I love someone now but she has girl friend
its crazy cuz she has girl friend but she doesnt love her
but she cant break up with her...
I`m complicated now
can you give advice for me?


I was in a very similar situation, except that my ex girlfriend was with a GUY. She had felings for him but again, werent as strong as the feelings she still had for me. she refused to break up with him and she just said that she wanted the relationship to run its course. I basically had to wait it out, but I still showed her that I loved her and that I didnt move on. It's tough and very frustrating, but everything takes time. does she know that you love her?


Theres not really the right advice for this... at a moment we have all been here and theres only two things to do about it... you either go on with it or you go away from it knowing this last one isnt even an option mostly when you are in love but its something you willk have to decide on your own; of course you would have to let us know if she has the same feelings for you... i was in a five year relationship from where i couldnt get out until the very very end... theres always a reason for everything that i also undertand but do you need to put yourself thru this?


she has to get through her relationship first, she will get heartbroken eventually, if she knows you love her and she feels the same, she will feel prompted to leave the relationship she feels unloved in.. thats a natural reaction

on the other hand she may want to fix this relationship she is in, but from experience, she may not make anything better and might end up getting hurt by her girlfriend

whatever happens, if you love this girl, then stay by her side even if she is in her relationship now, if she does end the relationship, she will need you as a freind more than a girlfriend, until she heals

so dont give up on the idea, just be there for her


we love each other and she knows my mind
she lives with her gf together..
she wants her gf to have another gf
they met for 7years and she got hurt many time from her gf
i have hard time but she has hard tome too she wants to call me and live with me but we can`t because of her gf....
maybe we can go to my country after 2years or 3years
it`s so time but I wish she can wait for me and now I`m waiting for her...
she doesnt love her,but she told me her gf is best friend so she care about her..
I can understand about her... we can`t call and text
her gf check her phone everyday by computer....


sounds very painful, especially not liking that you cant even contact her because of her girlfriend

it sounds like her girlfriend wants to have her cake and eat it (which means wants everything to go her way, even though she doesnt love your friend, she still wants all the attention)

it almost sounds like a controlling relationship which is very unhealthy for your friend, and i think your friend needs to make the move to end the relationship, only then can she be with you and her gf would have no choice but to find someone else.

it would be easier if your friend was on the site to read the advice suggested and tell us more, but sadly i cant do much to help other than tell you.


One thing i've learned is do NOT interfere with other people's relationships.. It's bad karma, disrespectful (even if you think you're helping them) and just.. won't end well.
Gotta wait it out or move on. I know it sucks, believe me. But it's better than having to get your hands dirty with the wrong kind of dirt.

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