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utterly alone, temporary
we are no more we than the time we have together
to be and just be, you and i,
our time ever fleeting beyond the sky,
lost in secrecy looking over our backs,
eyes abound always watching;
i could care less if we'd slip through the cracks,
to be and just be, you and i -
to hold, and hold a little longer
time is neither a friend to us,
close and far, and never in-between,
do you think of me, as i do you?
consuming my thoughts so freely, is it true?
our voices silent so far apart,
my breath stills, and ceases to start
when your warmth fades, and the cold sets in,
i feel my heart still and refuse to begin.


this is really sweet. I was playing a game while reading this and my favourite tune in the background music came on while I was reading it and somehow it added to the mood. thought its perfect without the music too. xD I love it!


very cool! hlod your loved one close while you can for as long as you can. you always remember the warmth long after it's gone. how beautifull. have anything else just "lying around"?

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