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So what is your biggest attractions to each sex and why? - Bi Bi Bi Women

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I am going to say first, that I am 75/25 for women first of all.
My biggest attractions to men(25% attraction) in sexual and mental ways would have to be:
Sexual: I love a deep voice and the way a strong, big man can toss me around.
Mental: The feeling that a man can protect me, although I have had more pain in my life with men and because of men. I don't trust them.

Women (75% attraction)
Sexual: I love the soft curves, skin, and smell of a woman
Mental: The way a woman thinks deeply about everything and can love in ever way. Women are like Poetry/ Music, both of witch I love.


well i already have a man, but to describe him... extremely sweet and affectionate, strives to be the best family man he can be, he exercises to stay fit~lean and trim~, he works very very hard at his welding job(hard working men are sexy), he does things for me without me asking, and he delivers the greatest pleasure time and time again, sex never gets old with him =)

my attraction to women ~ for one they are just naturally beautiful creatures no matter what form, size, shape, color.... it doesn't matter most all women are sexy to me! I love a sweet smile, good attitude, and a great communicator. The touch of a woman is indescribable, touching a woman melts my soul, the smell of their sweet nectar, i love longer hair on a woman so i can feel it touch my body(i love all types of hair, but long hair is a big turn on), and they always seem to be in the mood to cuddle =) and the more honesty i can get out of a lady the more my attraction grows!


I'm attracted 2 both n different ways.

Emotionally, I'm attracted 2 men more. I find men cute, strong, romantic, and they kno how 2 hve fun n make u feel good.

Sexually, I'm attracted 2 women more. I find women very sexy, they r so good at kissing/making out n sex, and they hve such sexy bodies!


I probably lean more towards women but yeah....

it's less about which gender does what but for certain qualities I have different expectations for each gender.

For both genders: Like it's a huge turn on if you can like pick me up and spin me -- for me it shows strength, humor and the want for my trust because although it's not a lot it's still something where you can still drop me.

For women: it would be the sensitivity, just in the way they're formed both body and mind wise. Cuddling and kissing of course but just the way women are more in tune with their surroundings and the overall atmosphere around an area.

For men: it's the competition -- I've always been like the 'strong' girl (whatever that means) but I like to get down and dirty and just attack. It's the fact that they can take what I give them and give it right back that gets me hot.

But if the two were to combine in one person --- I'd be blown away and it would be amazing to find that.


i love the female form, and i love the male form. i like a strong toned man and a curvy woman. i like my men and women to look very different. women turn me on more but i do like a guy who can just carry me away and fling me around a little.


I love my husband but I am always yearning for a female i love touching the lips ,curves, and especially if she got curves.


I know how you feel my dear. I am married too and love my Husband, but he is the one and only man for me. I love women other than him. If I was ever single again, it would be only women from then on. I feel like a big part of me is missing not having a woman in my life.


interesting topic

im not sure its not a solid number as such, id like to say 50/50 to express that i am a true bisexual as some people say they are bi for different reasons other than actually being bisexual

BUT, i am married to an amazing bisexual man, and i am attracted to women more, i like women more, i look at women more, i fancy far more women than i do men, i also fancy MTF and FTM, men smell sexier, i find it easier to get on with men, and talk to men.
And I am (for lack of a better way to explain it) a lesbian virgin. I am not curious to have sex with the other sexes but love to experience different people of those sexes not just in sex. (im polyamorus minded and can defiantly appreciate a loving connection with people other than my husband, he is the same, having said that we have only ever had 1 boyfriend, and they are the only 2 people i have ever been with).


I would have to say that I'm around a 50/50.

I'm as Ellie put it, a lesbian virgin, but it doesn't make me any less attracted to females. I'm much more nervous around females than males which I think plays a fairly large role in my attraction to them.

So far, males have been a major disappointment for me. Pretty much all of my relationships with them have been sexual and so that's about all I view them as good for.
I feel like having a relationship with a woman would be more..emotionally and intellectually connecting.


I depends on the on the woman Melissa. Women can be just as bad as the men. I have found this out the hard way. To many people are just out there for a cheep/ free sex fling. It is hard to find the ones with a real heart. They are worth it when they are found though. " You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince or princess".


True true.
I was reading in an article that if both parties want a relationship to work, both should wait until after at least 5 dates before doing anything sexual. It makes sense to me. :P Would also explain why none of my relationships managed to be much more than just sex....

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