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Kyle’s mind was in a whirl. What on earth had possessed him to do it? Didn’t he realise the danger he could be in? All the experts advised against the action he was taking. Yet here he was, on a train bound for Northampton, to meet a man he had never seen. Dan believed he was gay, just as Kyle did. Both went to Catholic schools. Both were shy. Both were terrified of their gayness being known. Both were sexually inexperienced. Dan was a newly qualified doctor, or so he had said, and, at 27, was 12 years older than Kyle. Was all this true? After all Dan was only known to him through the Internet. It could all have been lies. He hadn’t even seen Dan’s picture. He could be heading for a rendezvous with a violent pervert.

“Wot you doin’ in ‘ere”?
The harsh tone jerked Kyle back from his musings. The compartment door framed the bulk of the Ticket Collector

“This is first calls. Let’s see yer ticket”

The self-satisfied look of a hunter about to spring a trap distorted the man’s face. As Kyle blushed and handed over his ticket the man’s elation grew, then instantly dissipated as he examined the first class ticket. With a grunt he handed back the ticket and retired from the assumed conflict, leaving the previously closed compartment door open.

Kyle sighed and rose to close the door. Why do people assume before they know. He was 15, therefore wouldn’t have a first class ticket. A second look would have revealed the truth. His 5′ 7″ frame was wrapped in the clothes of a wealthy boy. The pale blue Tommy Hillfinger top was subdued by the brilliance of his blue eyes. The white Calvin Kline jeans were top of the range. His shoes were just a few shades darker than his dirty blonde hair, which though not short, showed the signs of expensive care. Yes, a second look would have revealed him as one of the spoilt, privileged rich. That, too, would have been a false impression, just as his slight frame belied the fact he was a highly successful swimmer. His stepfather had money, plenty of it. Kyle’s life style appeared very privileged. Designer clothes, large house, private schooling; but like so many kids in wealthy families there was no affection. His real Dad had died when he was 9, and the wound still hurt. His mother was still young and very attractive when she re-married. Unfortunately the beautiful bride came with an unwanted piece of 11-year-old baggage and Kyle had felt that way since that day.
Kyle’s thought drifted back to his first encounter with Dan. That night was etched deep in his memory. Terrified that something stupid he had done would reveal his gayness to the world he had panicked. He could see but two ways out, suicide or fleeing. A man in Holland had offered accommodation and lodging in return for him acting in some video productions!! The offer still stood and he chose that path. Arrangements were made, and Kyle informed his, then, only confidant on the ‘Net. Of course the guy had tried his best to dissuade the terrified teenager, without success. It was when Kyle logged on, as promised, to say “Goodbye” that the Instant Message arrived from a complete stranger. Kyle treated it as a joke, some crank; but remarks about the Police and making of telephone calls froze him. That clammy cold feeling of fear gripped him: he felt sick. He knew all the time the guy was on the ‘net he couldn’t make any phone calls. For the next three hours Dan, for that was the guys name, played Kyle like a fish on a line. Very slowly he calmed him down. Carefully he got Kyle to open up about his fears. Finally he managed to find a solution that would enable Kyle to remain at home and cope with any problems that might arise, without revealing his secret. Kyle couldn’t believe that a perfect stranger could care so much about somebody he had never met.

Messages were exchanged; firstly by Kyle because he felt he owed Dan so much. However as time passed and Kyle realised how similar he and Dan were in so many ways, a bond developed. This bond had become real affection, at least on Kyle’s part. He felt, at last, he had somebody who really did care about him.

Eventually, after some very very subtle hints from Dan, Kyle agreed to travel up and meet him. Just for a short time, and in a public place. What would happen he didn’t know? He had all the irresponsible hormonal urges of a healthy 15 year-old; albeit they were directed mainly towards men. But he was also very shy and nervous. Anyway Dan’s muted re-action to the photograph Kyle had sent him was a strong indication that Dan was interested in a purely platonic friendship. Who could blame him, considering the age difference, and the illegality of the situation? There was another aspect. If anything sexual did occur then Kyle would have to admit his homosexuality to himself. Kyle had fought this one for over two years. Just a coffee and a chat, that’s all Dan had suggested. Maybe Dan would turn out to be the big brother Kyle had always wanted.

Kyle was jerked back into full consciousness by the sharp pain in his shoulder. Clattering over the points on the approach to Northampton had thrown Kyle against the carriage window. The pain from the welts and bruises as his shoulder hit the window made him wince and catch his breath. At least he had been able to talk to Dan about the abuse. Dan wanted to act, but finally realised how this would devastate the boy and restricted his actions to listening, comforting and counseling; though it went against his professional instinct. Kyle’s stepfather just seemed to loose control at times. Kyle realised it must be stress. His Mum pretended not to notice. Kyle pretended it didn’t happen. If you don’t think and talk about something it is easier to pretend it doesn’t happen.
The train shuddered to a stop in the platform. Waves of panic washed over Kyle. Would he be there? Would he recognise Kyle? Would he be like his description? He remained firmly seated. Maybe better to remain on the train and go straight back home. No! Deep breath, he had to get this over with. After all he could make an excuse about the times of the trains and start home early. He left the train and made his way nervously through the barrier. He wasn’t there! He knew it was a wind up. He turned back to the barrier.

“Hello, Kyle isn’t it?”

The voice was soft, a little lacking in confidence maybe, but also warm. Kyle could feel the colour flooding into his cheeks as he turned to the source of the voice.

“I recognised you from your picture, and the clothes you said you’d be wearing.”
He was just as described. To many Dan was a nice looking guy. Girls fancied him and nurses at the hospital chatted him up. Kyle’s view was coloured by all the chats they had been through on the ‘net; all the nights he had been in his dreams; all the hormones now racing round his body. The cropped brown hair brushed forward like George Clooney; those stunning green eyes, the gentle smile and the touch of colour rising in his cheeks. Dan was perfect.
“H–H–Hello” stuttered Kyle, his face going even redder.

“Calm down Kyle. I’m so glad you came, really”

Kyle took the outstretched hand, a tingle running to his arm as he did. “The cars over there”, indicating the maroon Golf VR6. As they drove off Kyle sat deep in the seat. Dan’s nervousness betrayed itself in his chatter.

“I was so scared you wouldn’t come Kyle. I hardly slept all night. Mum thinks I’m meeting a girl. What was the journey like? Thought we’d go to a BK.. Was there anything special you wanted to see or do? What’s your after shave? Like the car?”

Kyle sank back. As Dan chattered he felt himself starting to relax. His fear at the meeting was slipping away. HE felt safe and comfortable with this chattering guy. He said nothing. Dan didn’t notice, he continued with his short staccato sentences. Eventually they pulled into the BK car park.

“What you want Kyle? My treat”

“C–Could I have a d–double w–whopper and cupaccino please?”

“Oh you can talk then”

Dan smiled and put his arm round Kyle’s shoulder and edged him through the door. Kyle felt something warm flow through his body at Dan’s touch.

The meal passed in a sort of haze. They talked about Kyle’s school, his dreams for the future, Dan’s work. They laughed at silly jokes and discussed clothes and music. They avoided anything sensitive. They finished eating at the same time. There was a long uncomfortable silence. A decision had to be made. One feared the asking, the other the answering. Eventually it had to be asked.
“Kyle, I can take you for a tour of Northampton if you like, or you could come back to my home and listen to some CD’s. That’s unless you have to catch your train. Mum and Dad are out shopping till late”

The Rubicorn lay in front of Kyle. He could take the cowards way and go for the tour. He could run, catch the next train. He swallowed, took a deep breath, coloured up again and finally managed to stutter a reply.

“C-could we go back to your p–place please”

“I’m glad you said that Kyle. I know you’re nervous. I can tell by your stutter and your blushing. . I am too. Your trust in me is very special. I won’t betray it I promise”

The short drive to Dan’s home was done in silence. Both felt a combination of excitement and fear. Dan parked and locked up. He opened the door, stepping in and holding the door for Kyle. Kyle felt his heart stop as the door clicked shut. He was in an empty house with another man, who admitted he was gay. What on earth was he doing?

“Kyle, could I ask you a big favour please?”

Here we go, this is where it starts. Soon as the door is shut the pretence ends.
Could I just give you a quick hug, to sort of say thank you for coming all the way to see me?”

Kyle’s relief must have been obvious. He smiled and Dan put his arms round him, pulling Kyle close. That’s when it happened. The dam broke. Dan couldn’t have known. How could he realise how much Kyle missed the hugs from his father? How much he longed for his Mum to hold him after he’d taken another beating. Six years of emotional neglect and physical abuse burst to the surface. Kyle buried his face in Dan’s shoulder and wept, uncontrollably.

Somehow Dan sensed the emotion involved and said nothing. Holding him close he felt Kyle’s shoulders heaving, even though he cried in silence. For five six, seven minutes they stood there, Dan’s shirt wet as Kyle’s tears washed away the pent up emotion. Slowly, just as he had on that previous occasion, Dan calmed him down. Slowly Kyle re-gained control. Dan wiped his own eyes with a tissue, drying the sympathetic emotion that had welled within him. He then dried Kyle’s eyes too. He bent slightly and kissed him on his forehead.
Kyle flung his arms round Dan and simply uttered his name. He looked up into those deep green eyes. He smiled and reached up to kiss Dan in return, but this time on his lips. A long, lingering kiss. Dan returned the passion. Their bodies re-acted to the moment, and both felt the others physical excitement. Very, very gently Dan placed his hand on the growing excitement in Kyle’s jeans. A long mournful sigh escaped from Kyle’s lips. That sound could have risen from the very bowels of the earth. It was the sound of release. The sound of the end of self-hate and guilt. The sound of a young man accepting at last who and what he was, and feeling comfortable with the knowledge. Slowly Kyle moved his hand down to return the favour.


A very well-constructed short story, there Dean, with some moments of lucid expression of the emotional turmoil and excitement faced by both characters. Despite the darkness of the subject matter there is also a sense of real hope, and perhaps even joy. And all of this in the most commonplace and banal of locations: a train carriage, a station, a car, a burger restaurant.

I especially liked the economy of the phrase that is the key to the whole story: 'Here we go, this is where it starts. Soon as the door is shut the pretence ends.' The sense of hopes dashed by exploitation encapsulated in such a mean couplet. The staccato rhythm reinforcing the deja-vu. There isn't a word out of place here, and each one is necessary with no superfluity.

Thank you, and congratulations.


very romantic, emotional,it says a lot about that kid's life. It says a lot about how complex our feelings , our quest for love,and our fears can work.I like the ending. how it turned ou to be something kind of sweet instead of tradgic.I'm posting a story of my own and would appreciate your feed back . love in fierceness, scott .thanx


p.s your details were also very good.


I got to admit there is a lot of ME in that story and my feelings, even though some if it is made up



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