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WORD DEFINE sorry idk ladies!! - Bi Bi Bi Women

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for the defin of ur camp i am idk wat alot they mean ??? please help me


i guess i am working on that too.
ok, for me i think it is more about my self perception within the few camp lables provided.
and that is all they are... labels.
*goes to profile tab, right click, open new tab, check to see what my camp is LOL, Hippy*
well, that would be kind of the closest. but more like natural grrl+lipstick lesbian+hippy+bohemian stirred well makes me?
eh! whatever. i am me and others can label but i place none {or very few} on myself

welcome to my world♥
♥lots of love for everybody♥


i know the feeling doll, im pretty clueless let alone knowing what i fit into. i guess i'm still finding myself anyway.


Ya know? I put down Femme/Flirtatious...but there are times when I can be the biggest tomboy. I like to dress up sexily, but I'm not a super girly girl. Love earrings. I'm an athletic type that likes to show off muscles, and no, due to my curtailed workout regimen, I don't have as many as I used to. Love my low maintenance hair, just add leave-in conditioner, curl enhancer, pomade, and gloss--maybe pick it out a bit, and I'm done.
Btw, I have sometimes thought of one day performing in a drag king show, just for fun! lol
I believe I would definitely be the Alpha in the relationship, though...although I'll cook and help out around the house. I'm the type to bring the flowers home. But if she brings them, too--I won't mind! lol


=D thanks ladies !! ♥

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