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I lay suspended above the midnight sky by my own gravitational-defying powers. My black cape fluttered in the light breeze that was blowing through the city of New York. Cars below me were oblivious to my whereabouts, but I could hear them as they honked at each other; road rage. My eyes didn’t once glance at the city lights beneath me, as they were locked on the moon. One side was light and gorgeous; the other was dark and sinister.

Thoughts about myself came rushing through my mind as I looked up at the lunar object. So much like that moon, untainted yet filled with defiance. When I was home with Frank, curled into his arms as he brushed back my billowing black locks, I was so innocent. All that changed when night rolled around though and I took on my secret identity; The Misfit. I dressed in a Misfit’s band-tee, my face covered by a skeleton mask.

Frank has always saved me, even though he never saw it that way. Wishing more than anything to be in his arms, I sighed. Why did he always have to bring up how I was when I was around him into a conversation? It wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t be strong and protect him from anything.

“You’re weak Gerard! You go out and save the city, but when it comes to me, you’re nothing but a fucking pansy!”

Sighing in annoyance, I thought about all the times I had been strong for the city; saving children and stopping burglars. I was their superhero, New York’s real Superman. I could fly to get to the scene faster than any vigilante vehicle and I could stop an intruder with my strength. Dozens of awards had been presented to me courtesy of the city, all of which were in a display case at the house Frank and I shared.

Used to share. He’s probably already thrown all your junk out on the street by now.

What he didn’t understand was that he was my kryptonite. Any time that I was within a fifty foot radius of the man I loved my powers would disappear, and I’d become as normal as the rest of the people in the city which we inhabited. I couldn’t save him from anything that might want t to hurt him. I could barely even save him that night.


The hour was late as I scanned the streets for some sign of mischief. Anything would have sufficed. I just needed to get my mind off of the homophobes that I had done everything to help, yet they still hated me for my sexuality. They thought that I should burn in Hell for liking men. They were the same as my parents had been; always bringing religion into the situation.

Suddenly, the relative silence of the city was broken as a piercing scream echoed through one of the alleys. As I flew closer I saw a woman clutching onto a shopping bag as a burley, bald man tried to snatch it away from her. Tattooed covered each of their arms, a scorpion tattooed on the woman’s neck. I was surprised at the fight she was putting up against such a strong man, almost tearing the bag back from him.

“Let go, Faggot!” the man yelled as his fist collided with the unnamed woman’s face. Before that I was too stunned by the impressive show of a fight the woman was putting up to do anything. As soon as that fist collided with her jaw though, and she fell to the grimy, alley floor, I regained control of my actions.

Swooping in behind the man just as he turned to leave, I fell on him. My head ran through ideas of why I had just fallen from the sky, but I didn’t have time to come to a conclusion as he flung me off his back and onto the pavement. My ass broke the fall of the rest of my body as it thumped against the cold cement and the man with no name came round to stare at me, his eyes filled with rage.

“Oi, Hero, did you just jump on me with your scrawny little ass and think you could take me down?” His hand clenched around my shirt as he drew nearer to me. He lifted me up so I was eye to eye with him, and I could smell his putrid breath; laced with cigarettes and alcohol. “Answer me you homo!”

I courage that I had felt plenty of times before began to build in my body, starting at my toes and working its way to my brain. Once the idea of what I was going to do to the man was settled in my mind, my eyes shown with that malicious little grin that was hidden behind my mask. The grin on my mask was a permanent replica of what was plastered on my hidden face at that moment.

“I’m The Misfit, and I’m your worst nightmare.” His eyes became little slits as he stared me down, disbelieving of what I was saying. I mean, I was fairly scrawny, and normally someone like him could take me down without even breaking a sweat. The circumstances in this case, however, were far from normal.

I gripped the hand that was holding my shirt, trying to jerk it off of me with my super-strength. However, I failed and a grin spread across the man’s face as he realized that I either must be a liar or a psycho. I couldn’t figure out why I was unable to free myself of the man’s grasp as he flung me onto the alley once more.

“Stay out of my business, Creep.” The bag that was now lying on the alley was picked up and he turned to leave again. I couldn’t let him get away with that lady’s bag, so I grabbed his fat ankle and yanked as hard as I could. As he toppled over like building blocks, I inwardly smirked. My victory was short-lived though, as he turned around, his face beat-red.

“Why you little fucker! I wasn’t going to do anything to you, but now I think I might just fucking kick your ass.” I grew snarky as I awaited the man’s punch, only thinking that I could stop him though my strength had failed me before. His fist rocketed toward me, rings on nearly every finger. My hand reached out to grasp it before it could hit my face, but as soon as the force hit my palm, my hand snapped back, hitting me in the face with the force of the punch.

I felt some sort of thick liquid trickle from under my mask after I heard that sickeningly sound of bones breaking and my head shooting back.

The muscular man was not satisfied, as stampeded toward me, hoping to snatch me up and bring me into what I supposed was going to be a body slam. Hastily, I dodged out of the way just before he could come near me, and he rammed into the brick wall behind me. My reaction was quick as he stumbled toward me, gripping his head in agony. I grabbed the lid off the nearest trashcan, hitting him square in the face as hard as I could. He tumbled before me, his cranium now bleeding profusely.

With the man now down for the count, I grabbed the bag he had dropped when I tripped him. Why had I not been able to use my powers? Walking in a straight line to where the woman was now stirring, I helped her up. As I looked at her I realized she wasn’t a woman, but a man. He was rather attractive as well.

“Here you go sir.” I handed him the bag that contained what the robber had stolen. He returned my act with a soft smile, as though he wasn’t at all impressed, just thankful that he got the contents of whatever the bag was filled with back.

“Oh thank you so much. I honestly don’t know how I’d ever survive without Skittles.” My mouth gapped as he explained what was in the bag.

“You risked your life over a bag of Skittles?” I questioned, still stunned.

“Well, there are a couple bags in there. And, not to mention there’s backstage Iron Maiden tickets too!” My look of shock instantly faded when I realized what he had really had on the line. I would give anything for some Iron Maiden tickets.

“Well then, that’s a bit more appropriate. Iron Maiden is definitely worth risking your life over if they’re backstage passes.” He grinned at me, this time in agreement of what I had just said. The air was awkward for a bit as he tried to stumble over what to say next.

“So, um, since you saved my passes and I have two, would you maybe want to go with me? I mean, if you don’t it’s cool, but I just thought…”

I didn’t even have to go through my answer in my head. The answer came as easily as if someone had asked me “Is the sky blue.”

“Sure. I’ll go with you.” His eyes instantly lit up. “Just, promise you won’t be disappointed when you see what I look like under this mask.”

“I could never be disappointed. It’s on Saturday, just so you know.” I nodded and he turned on his heel to leave. I was just about to head my own way when he turned back around. “Oh, and the show starts at eight so I’ll pick you up around seven-thirty.” I nodded again, and he grinned in response.

As I headed home I had a definite bounce in my step. I was going to an Iron Maiden concert with one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen.


Those memories all seemed so distant now. Everything that had happened the night of the concert seemed like such a blur. The only memories I really had of it were meeting Bruce Dickinson and Frank asking me to be his boyfriend; the two best moments in my life. Nothing, not even the day I found out I had superpowers, could trump those two moments.

Breaking me of the memories, my phone began to ring with the normal ring type. Obviously it was the phone the city had given me and not the phone that I used for everyday things; that one had the song “Astro Zombies” by The Misfits. Frank found it fitting.

I flipped open the boring piece of plastic and the mayor’s voice flooded the line. “Misfit, there is an abandoned house on Barclay Street. The fire department is having trouble putting out the fire, and there is someone trapped inside.” His voice was calmed, unfeeling almost. Why should he care? It’s not like it’s his life on the line; only some poor citizen.

“I’ll be there straight away.” I could almost feel him nod on the other end before there was a long beep, signifying that he had hung up.

Keeping my promise, I flew to Barclay Street, and sure enough, there were flames sprouting from some abandoned house. Ashen and burning, I felt sorry for whoever was trapped inside. They were probably burning to death; the flames scorching their flesh.

Not hesitating to rescue the prisoner of that burning Hell, I skipped conversing with the firemen and flew like a rocket into the house. I crashed on the floor, skidding to a halt right before someone who was wearing red Converse.

“I thought you’d come,” he whispered, a smile spreading from ear to ear. The flames roared behind him, and I was dumbfounded as to why he was so calm and why he was in a house when it was obviously crumbling around him.

“Frank, come on, we have to get out of here.” I tugged at his tattooed hands, but he stayed rooted to that one spot on the floor. At first I thought he was too paralyzed to move, so I tugged on his arms again. This time, he spoke, but his words were barely audible.

“Gerard, don’t save me.”

I almost dropped through the floor, his words stinging me. Why wouldn’t I save him? Did he still think that I was too weak and couldn’t save him? Anything, I would do anything in my power just to bring him out alive.

“You don’t have to die Frankie. Come on, we’ll find a way out of this.” My voice was careful, not wanting to break him. He just looked so fragile before me, his eyes glazed over and a permanent grin on his face.

“Gee, this isn’t about you. I did this for me.”

I couldn’t quite understand the reasoning behind him wanting to stay behind. Something about his words though left me unable to utter a single word of protest against what he was about to do. Nothing about it seemed like it was so frightfully wrong, except for the fact that he was going to leave me.

My choices ran through my head, and finally I settled on one. My eyes shown as I looked into his hazel orbs, and he knew the answer to the unspoken question of what I was going to do. I grabbed the hand that he had jerked away from me earlier as I tried to lead him out. Gravity pulled me toward his lips as I whispered, “You know that this will make me less of a hero.”

His eyes closed for a second as he breathed, “You’ll always be my Superman, Gerard.”

With those words he pulled off my mask and closed the small gap in-between our lips, our breath mingling into each other’s mouths. I felt his tongue slide over my bottom lip as I let my own graze over his pearly-white teeth. His fingers tangled into my mess of raven locks while I pulled him closer to me. Around us the house was falling down, crumbling to the ground and about to take us with it. The flames licked at us, but we couldn’t pull away from each other. Every feeling I had ever felt for my love was all rolled into one as I felt the heat from the inferno around us lap at our ankles. I didn’t mind the heat.

We were going to Hell, we might as well get used to the flames.

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