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Ass Pictures. - Gay Guys! <3

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I think people who take pictures of their ass
and set it as their default
...,or just in GENERAL, is kinda disgusting!

I mean, call me old fashion, but whatever happened to decency?
At least in public. Do they actually think it's hot or are they that desperate?

Agree or no?



the times have changed
chivalry & decency is very low but there r those with it left

some ppl have the pix up as there DP
coz they thing it will get pplz attention and sadly it does


Well I'm glad you think so. And, yes, it is very sad.
And I think I'll add you for having a sensible mind.


I'll have to agree


I agree! I even h8 it when women do it....it's not attractive at all...gay or not gay...

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