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There's life out there
I know babe, that you can't see it now
but hold on tight against society's wear
I'll protect you somehow

Against all odds-- I'll be there
for you, for love
and catch your falling tear
I'll be your dove

I am your white wolf
who will guide you through the storm

I am your otter
ready to play and teach you

Just take me hand, babe
it'll be ok
I'll be here, waiting for you
I'll never leave or stray
'Cause hun, I know you're scared
and I feel it too
but together
together we can make it
to the ends of the earth
and into the great blue skys
we'll fly away
and never come back
never come


This one I just sorta unburied from my book bag that seems to have also functioned as a black hole for the past few weeks.... I'm personally not sure of what I think of this one poem. But none the less I figured that I'd share it.


i like it alot

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