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In the cool afternoon
Upon an aged fence
With speculation
A viewer watched
Purple and red blossoms
Twine up around that fence

It curls, it curls
It curls by faltering will and force still
For ambition of reaching the top
Free-ed, Free-ed
Freed by ambition, by agapic love
Feminine buds blooms blossoms

Dance up the sturdy oak, oaken
Ah by vintage nostalgia the wood calls
If blossoms laugh, she’d laugh
Going to the top
Waiting for the day she’d stop
And settle into loving arms

A viewer watched
Smiling speculation entwining
To be possessed by heather blossoms
Arms and legs dressed, clad in
Full flowers of her favorite colors
Dressed, clad in
Agape, Eros, Pathos
She of selflessness and beauty
Yes, heather blossoms .

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