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Poem, "Everlast" - Poetry Group

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Ok^_^ I had a request from Nikita Storm...one of our group members and she wanted to see one of my poems so I figured I write one right off the top of my head...I dont know where my book is hehe (probably somewhere in that crypt of a room I have &gt.&gt) so anyway! here it goes^_^ also this is more a story then a poem because...well I suck at ryming and I will do whatever I damn well please hehe^_^ jk

Everlast:My grandmother and I sat on the warm wooden stool...our fingers swiftly glided from key to key in the most fragile of ways...as I reached the final bridge in our lovers duet I struck a single G minor...and the sonata wilted...The wrong key distorted our lovely playing and I lowered my head for a fine scolding...yet my grandmother in her fall dyed coat only smiled at my nieve error.The elderly woman rose her arms...and with great force...struck many keys symotaniously...a flock of bewiltered crows feriously drove at us form behind and my sight was blanketed by a ebony cloud that cornered me on all sides...as the crows cleared...I witnessed my grandmother hugging a tall man...dressed in a long jet coat and sporting an odd hat...his face was sheilded by darkness and I ran to my grandmother...I pulled at her plaid jacket and beckoned her to step away form the mysterious man...yet she merely turned to me and held my had to her cheek...she smiled in the warm matter of calmness that was common...and kisses my hand...she then grasped the mans arm and they stepped away from my position...they disappered behind a strange mist and their shadows dissapaited...as the fog cleared I saw them gether inside a minature row boat and they swept away from shore...I raced down the hill and onto the aged oak dock...they were to distant to hear me and my hope dwindled on the most sarrowful of aspects...I glanced over to my side and saw a twin row boat...my hope gathered once more and I lowered myself into the dug out...I rowed for many hours until I found myself lost and thimbled in the mist...yet a single crows caw fled from behind me...the rear of the boat and I rowed to the small island...the islands earth was gray and the trees barren...I ran to the peek of the hill only to see my grandmother and the crow man...anger feuled my arm as I hit the man...doing little to no damage...he turned to me and removed his crows mask...revealing his face....I smiled and burred my head into his arms...my heart pink with joy...and he allowed the embrace...then he returned his mask to his pale eyes and lips...he went to my grandmothers side and held her hand...the black cloud of crows returned and they both vanished from my sight...and I...I stood alone on the solitary hill...


Love the vibe, but I'm afraid I'll have to learn English better if I want to understand it Lots of words I;ve never come across before!

Anathema on the other hand, is a great title! I wuld have chosen it myself! Can'twait to read it (if I can)!

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