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Hey everyone.I made this group incase anyone wanted to tell a few of their poems and talk about one of my favorite things^_^.This is how this group works...you type anything you so desire such as any poems...talk about any poems or poets you want to and feel free to chat with anyone who is also in the group^_^ have fun!Oh and no I mean no stealing other peoples ideas for poems or their material.If I find this does happen I will close the group and report the material thief!


'Ripping people off, when they share their stuff.' Dead Kennedys. I agree.

Funny you started this group, 'cause I just friendadded you (and Jesse) mainly to ask you about your poems and book!

Can you tell us anything about the book, or post one of your poems? I would really much like to read them!

I could post one of my own, to get you started...


This is the first and only poem I ever wrote for a girl. And she was the only one to like it.

Speaking not
Caring not even
Fucking no
Wishing always
Scaring all
Wanting mor
Living fast
Dying not
Wanting more
Having much
Living why
Losing love
Wishing her
Wanting her
Having not
Playing still
Having fun
Laughing just
Nothing less
Having friends
Missing her
Burning up
Burning leaves
Dying still
Crying not
Drinking lot
Having none
Being love
Having not
Bringing on
Not a lot.


my life has no meaning.
I'm scrambling around for a purpose,
and coming up short.
what's the point of moving forward?
looking back on the past,
because I can't face my future.
trying to rationalize taking up space on this planet,
but I can't find a excuse.
what am I supposed to do?
who am I supposed to be?
Ask me who I am today.
I'll answer no one...

this is my most recent poem if you're interested in reading more here's a link to my blog http://mjrh2008.blogspot.com/


I’m not your little wall flower
Someone to look at who will never respond.
I will never be society’s doll
Or play the part you gave me.
I will never sit in acquiescence
Or mumble thanks to your criticism.
I refuse to respect those who don’t respect me
My mind
My body
My sexuality
I refuse to wait in silence
Yet I wait
For the time when I can strike
Make you listen!
I will not be binary
Life never was meant to be black or white
Or to even make sense.
I will help my brothers and sisters
To tear the thread of hate from their lips.
The thread YOU had sewn on
And with bloody lips, we’ll speak the truth.
The truth you wished to silence.
We shall heal from your oppression
And rise
Rise above
And tear down these walls
That you placed up to hide from reality.
We will scrape down those walls
And with bloody hands, reach for you
Grab you and embrace you.
Let you escape from your fear, your hate
Your internalized pain
You can no longer ignore our cries
Of pain,
And fear.

(Still working on this one... but it's my most recent. I have older ones. Ask if you want to read them...)


Nicey nice!

Here is one of a slightly different character:

Pain, enslaved
Enslaved myself
In the dark of night
On the bench watching the train
Get swallowed by deceit
I’m enslaved

Give me no more
I’ll suck it up and swallow down
Till there is no more
For me to hunt, or track on down
I’ve been abusing y’all
Now there’s darkness all around

Disturbed, enslaved
I did it to me

The men that left
The girls that hit
The Grand Lovers Theft

It all leads back to me
To the bitter darkness can’t you see?
The evil darkness of my insanity
Of the enduring lust for flesh
Blood to feed the fire
Yes I know, I am a liar
Always been consumed: desire
Always eager to get higher

Now all of it sucked dry, I stand
Watching over all those corpses bleeding Neverland
Wishing on their bloodshed eyes
Bring me back my Promised Land
The cold gripping my bones right now
Is not from out there I now that now
Already floated in my veins somehow

It all leads back to me
Trophies of my vanity
Enduring hunger for humility
Can’t go back or set them free

Disturbed, enslaved
I did it to me


Deranged I know, thought YOU did it to me
Sucking dry my symphony
Told you before to stay away
Made you come over anyway

Till the fire burns on up
Leaving black coals as my heart’s
Substitute for what never was

Once I was your Queen, did not deserve
Did not say, could not redeem
Lied to you, hid what I did not mean
Bruised not only you
But too our dream

Disturbed, enslaved
I did it to me
Enslaved myself now let me be

You know you could have known
That by lack of love I would get overthrown
Stand on down, fall off my throne

The words just fled and so did I
My pen broke down, I don’t know why
Of course it led
To a disgusted crowd

The land’s most awful being
Their Queen may be
So it may seem
Mislead my dream
My traitorous crown
Now unleash my hell
And I will stand down

Clearly, it's called Stand Down, written in 2007 as a lyric fo my band


- Miranda, thanks. That one was actually inspired by this one poem that I read in a collection of GLBTIQ stories. It was so touching. I'll have to figure out the name of the book again just so I can buy it. I need to own it.

-Nikita, WOW. I love Stand Down.

The clock goes on
as the tears still fall.
For confusion, fear... the song.
Echoing against the wall
tick drop tick drop tick drop tick drop
it slithers down my wrists
warm, sticky, filled with life; don't stop.
Murmurs all around from faceless lips
telling lies with no shame
tick drop tick drop tick drop tick drop
all these feelings have no name
warm sticky; filled with life... please stop
But it wont end, these sickening sounds
on and on, one two, one two
down and out; I begin to drown
reaching for hope, dreams, love... you
hands so warm, pulling me near
don't let me go...
keep me close, let me hear
your voice close by and take it slow
soft, warm and strong you seem,
at first glance it's what you are
but you tremble too, looking for a seed
of hope, change; a heart

(This one is a few years old)


Thanx Lee! I get your point for the one above; it's a great poem!


New poem, first one of the year!

"I'm fine"

How was I to know
That your anger would not cease?
That it would boil to and fro?
That it would scrape along the crease
Of every relationship that I held dear?

Was I supposed to read your mind
To know that it was not ok?
That our friendship would be fined
All because you cannot keep your emotions at bay?
Or am I the only one who finds this a bit queer?

Not in the sexuality sort of way my dear,
But in a bizarre yet eloquent way of saying
Fuck you in your cellulose inflated rear
As you scream at me, your saliva spraying
In my face as you insult my very soul

But hey, what would you say
If I told you the whole truth?
Would you still stand in the gray
Of night and call me uncouth?
Or will you see me as what I am: Unwhole?


My temperature is rising
My pulse, gone crazy
Skin, moist and tingly
I’m ready, I’m waiting

Darkness, shadows, flickering candles
Slow, intimidating steps towards me
The bed creaks, sheets rustle
She’s ready, she wants it

Warmth slides up my thigh
Her body covers mine
Instant heat, instant desire
I want it, I need it

Buttons undone, zipper pulled down
Shirts, and pants on the floor
Panties getting lower and lower
We want it, we need it

Flesh against bare flesh
Fingers probing my heat
Gasping and moaning
We’re committing our sin

Our bodies soaked and wet
Energy fading fast yet building
A thriller, a bursting climax
We did it, We felt it

Eyes closed, chests heaving
Head against my breasts
Warm breath, panting
We made it


Sweet passion on the floor
Give it slow, give her more
Taste her sensitive flesh
Stroke, lick, and rub her
Oh yeah, she wants it now
Sex is a disease

Silence is filled with noise
Moans, groans, and screams
Give it rough, make it fast
Scratches, gashes, and bites
Oh yeah, shes in the mood now
Sex is a fetish

Spread her legs, touch her body
Raise her temperature
Shes yours tonight, just for you
Let your love show
Make her wet, make her scream
Sex is an obsession

Lay her down, pull her close
Press your hips together
Feel her body against yours
Move, slide, and grind
Friction, heat, pleasure
Sex is for fun

Shes close, oh so close
Take her lips with yours
Her back begins to arch
Your name is cried out
You just made her night
Sex is my night time fun


I wrote this in like the 6th grade for my dad when he left for Iraq. It's short but I still hold on to it.

A mighty Warrior seeks in green
His attitude cruel and mean
He travels from place to place
A sheild of leaves concealing his face.
THis warrior will fight
Even when he has lost his sight
He Goes on


In my mind I see only you
A dark and Weary travler
A soul mate not ment to be

But in my heart I feel the pain
I see the tempter
You can truly be

Your hands like cold marble
when against my souless skin
A touch not ment to be

Your words, whispers in my ear
Are nothing but deadly sins
For a love not ment to be

Im a sword taken from hell
Im the venom in your veins
Im lovless, a killer ment to be


Woah, amazing imagery! Damn, you really have some talent, Arryn.


I wrote this a few minutes ago because your Poem, Lee, Inspired me to write somthing that may be hard to understand!! hehehe

Day by day
Thought by thought
I climb, I soar
Into the skies
Into my future

I see you there
Smiling at me
You think me sain
You think me clever
Only you don’t know

I am a bird, I am a man
I am earth, I’m the air
For I soar, and climb
I fall, and die
But do you know?

I am you, You are me
We are they, They are us
Comprehension is dense?
I am God, I am Life itself
I am not but your thoughts


damn Arryn u are amazing... wish i could write like that


Mmm, she is good, isn't she? :3 I honestly didn't know HOW I was going to respond to it. Still thinking of a way. Working on a new poem even. :P


im going through mine trying to find one that measures up


-Lee I love your poem "Im fine" the words of the poem seem to contradict the title which i think is the part i like the best. sometimes ppl aren't willing to accept and we just have to let them go


This is a piece I wrote for a childhood friend of mine who commited sucide last fall.

Death walked by my house today. I waved when he passed; he said he couldn’t stop and chat. I watched as he approached the doorstep of my childhood all the while pondering what he could be doing there. Then I watched as a carefree boy from my past answered the door as a grim young man who couldn’t take it anymore. I watched as they passed death and the boy hand in hand. I waved but he didn’t look back nor lift his hand in response. I watched as our vibrant past together fluttered by my eyes. I wanted to cry for the boy from my past, but found my eyes dry and unwilling. I look back over to the doorstep and there stands the boy’s brother watching as I was as death and the boy walk out of sight. He looks like he may follow just bolt right off the porch and into the awaiting arms of death. I wonder if he too will be sick of it all. Will I watch this boy turn into a grim faced young man? Someday will I watch again as he walks hand in hand with death towards the end? I try to see the boy and death walking hand in hand but I can’t they’ve already made it over the horizon. I flicker back to the porch of my childhood only to find it bare. I walk into the street and try again to catch a glimpse but I see nothing. There is no sign that death was ever here or the grim faced boy he took with him… Death walked by my house today, you’ll never guess who was with him.

R.I.P. Aaron


Wow... That was amazing... and sad. I'm sorry about your Friend.


I want to try and make a semi-funny one but I'm not sure how well its gonna come out.


He lays in wonder
He thinks, and ponders
She sits and thinks
Wishing she hadn’t winked

Yesterday around three
She sold herself for free
He had been walking by
To bad he wasn’t shy

He grins with glee
The women had been free
A unopened condom
A quick and happy pardon

She sits and cries
Boo whos and whines
Why for free?
Because she couldn’t see

Yesterday around three
She sold herself for free
Thinking he was she
But it ended up being me

Okay so this may sound like I picked up a whore and semi-raped her but thats not actually the story. It's actually a sexual version of somthing that happend to me at school. One of those mistook someone for being someone else and he ran over to them and it totally wasn't who you thought kinda things. In my head its semi funny because.. well I know what certain parts are really talking about. But obvious funny and me and poems don't go togather

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