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No matter where you look all my profiles/resumes start off with poor, old, gay man and a book of mine published in 2005 had a subtitle of “…from an old(er), poor, gay man” because a decade ago I wasn’t old!
Some, not many, have asked why am I so negative but I don’t see any of those terms as negative and though I don’t have to let me explain why I see them as positives.
“OLD”--at 78 I am old and proud of it. I’ve been through a lot and have survived it. Please don’t say that BS “Age is only a number” as that is a lie. At 78 I don’t jump out of bed--heck I don’t jump--period! I don’t walk, swim, sleep and/or dance anyway as good as I did when I was 30. And keep that “You are only as old as you feel” to yourself. I may want to feel 50 but getting out of bed in the morning tells me I am 78! And, worst of all, “You don’t look 78!” What the heck does 78 look like? I live in a senior community and I can line up 10 guys who are 78 and all look different. Some have walkers, some have canes, others carry oxygen tanks while a couple will be in wheelchairs and the others? They have very bad health conditions that come with age and don’t show on the outside. As Yvonne De Carlo sang in “Follies”--you do remember Miss De Carlo, don’t you? Well than you are OLD!--”I’m Still Here” and I am.
“Poor”--I went from being very rich to being very poor and it didn’t happen overnight but more over a period of 20-25 years. I went through 2 bankruptcies, was unemployed and when I started collecting Social Security I kicked myself for not declaring all my tips when I was a waiter. The only reason I get as much as I do--which, trust me, isn’t much, is because of the 12 great years I had making money in the weight reduction field. With all that I have a roof--a beautiful roof--over my head, looking out at the sun, sky, clouds, moon, avocado trees and Birds of Paradise bushes, water flowing in from the Atlantic ocean and million dollar homes right across the canal.
I have clothes on my back--many that I bought when I had money--but I basically live in shorts, short sleeved shirts and flip-flops though I do have shoes, long sleeved shirts, a sport jacket to go to the theatre which I can afford as the tickets are free in return for my reviews posted on a Broadway web site. And I have food in my belly! Good food, junk food, restaurant food, fast food, home cooked food and snack foods.
Poor? With all that there is nothing negative about me being poor and I haven’t even mentioned how lucky I am that I have people who care for me, are concerned about me and love me. Heck, so I can’t afford a car because I can’t afford the insurance but I have a scooter that goes 4 MPH--what else do I need?

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