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“Gay”--Yes I am gay in the sense that I am happy, positive, a winner in many ways and because I am Gay! Did I choose it? Was I born Gay? Who knows? Who cares? Being Gay has given me a life I would never had known otherwise. Yes being Gay has its downside but any life has that. I have met fantastic people, done great things, been to astonishing places all due to the fact that I was/am Gay. There is nothing negative about being Gay when I say I am Gay because I am one of the most positive, contented, happiest people you will ever meet and being Gay has contributed to that.
“Man”--Ah what can I say? I don’t have ‘that time of the month’. I don’t have to go through pregnancy. I don’t have to have a hysterectomy or go through menopause. I didn’t get less pay or have to do the ‘cooking, cleaning,’ or ‘take care of a man’. Even today when women have it better than their mothers and grandmothers had it how much better do women have it today than men do? And best of all I don’t have to put up with men!!!
So yes I am old, I am poor, I am Gay and I am a man and proud of being each. Yes I have had rough times being old, Gay, poor and a man but not as many great times I have had being who I am.

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