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Have you ever not finished a book? Have you ever walked out of a movie or show or play before it was over? Have you ever turned off the TV before the episode or special was done?
A theatre reviewer in the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about the many shows she has walked out on after the first act--including BILLY ELLIOT missing a great second act! She saw most of these shows free but she doesn’t say whether she ever reviewed them. She is getting a lot of flack from producers and people in show business and I personally thinks she deserves it.
In 70 years of theatre going I have only walked out of two shows but I paid for the tickets. Now that I am reviewing plays and musicals on the Internet I am given two complimentary tickets to each and I would not think of walking out even if I have seen the show before and didn’t like it.
The whole idea of the column she wrote got me thinking and I don’t recall ever not reading a book until the end no matter how bad it was. I have come close to wanting to walk out of a movie but I never have and I mentioned about only walking out of 2 plays. It is difficult for me to turn off the television before a show that I have been watching is over.
What makes me stay? Why do I have to see THE END when I read a book or see a movie or wait for the cast to take a bow or the TV shows what they will be having next week? Do I hope something will happen? Will something catch my interest? Am I am optimist? Why do I keep on hoping/waiting for me to think the ending made up for what came before?
70 years of theatre going, probably 73 years of movie going, almost 60+ years of television watching and approximately 75 years of reading books and of all that I only walked out of 2 shows! What makes me stay to THE END?
Have you ever walked out of a play/musical or not finished a book or walked out of a movie? Do you remember them and why?
PS I did change the channel after watching "Peter Pan Live" for 30 minutes last week!

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