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(My first selfie of 2015!)

Before anyone thinks I am being negative I have written many blogs about how glad I am to be old and I am plus add retired to the mix and it is great! One of the many good things about it is if I have something planned and it doesn’t work out I can always do it tomorrow plus I don’t worry about tomorrow.

For an example I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and I depend on medical transportation from my HMO. The appointment was for 2 PM and by 1:50 the driver hadn’t shown up so I knew I wouldn‘t make it on time. . I called the Doc and I had to reschedule and now it is for next Tuesday. Most people--especially quite a few rigid, plan every second of the day, etc., posters here--would have been screaming and yelling or, at least, be upset that their day would be ruined--me? I said “So what?” and got on with my day.

The world doesn’t come to an end if I don’t do something. Being old and retired and, oh yes, another blessing, living alone I don’t have to do anything except what I want to do.

Another example was a day last week. I have no explanation for why it happened but I went to sleep at 1 AM, got up at Noon, read the paper, did some writing, posted a blog, took a nap from 3-5 PM---and I am not a napper!--ate, watched some TV while I went to web sites, took another nap from 10PM to Midnight, got up, did some reading and writing and then went to sleep my normal time around 2 AM.

At first I was a little concerned that something might be wrong but then I decided my body was just telling me it wanted to rest and I had the time to do it. After that day I was back to my daily routine of living.

Some people would look at this as a wasted day but not me. I look at it as a day of rest making up for all the days I didn’t rest when I was young doing all sorts of crazy things!


When I moved out into my one apartment after surviving a brain aneurysm at 39, I was an d lucky to have moved into a subsidized building for elderly as well as disabled people. I must admit that having so many elderly neighbors is a wonderful experience. I'm now 57 and have lived with my disabilities for 18 years. One of my neighbors and best friend passed away recently at 90. He wasn't crazy about being 90 and having his buddy in the building die at 98 leaving him as the oldest resident in our apartment building. Most of his worries he would toss off with a hearty "so what!". I can still hear him say it. I had concerns about what arrangements might be left for relatives to take care of after I die. he always told "so what, you'll be dead, you won't care1".He taught me such a valuable lesson about growing older.Now I guess I just need to sit back and admire the way I grow old. Hopefully I might manage to do it with the attitude of my friend Dan.

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