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I have always fooled around with the hair on my head and face. I had long hair, short, hair, no hair, beards of all sizes and shapes, no beards, mutton chops, mustaches, no mustaches and (DO NOT LAUGH AT THE FIRST PICTURE ON THE SLIDESHOW! It was the 1970s and it was the ’in’ fad!)
When I was younger I couldn’t wait to get gray hair! I really wanted it all white like Richard Gere’s is now. I would go to my ’hair stylist’ in Memphis every 10 days for him to spray gray into the sides of the hair on my head. I thought it made me look suave, distinguished, mature and HOT!
After I retired I thought “Great! No more shaving!” but it didn’t work out that way. I knew over the years that shaping a beard and/or mustache was a hard, every other day job, but when I stopped shaving and getting haircuts I just didn’t like the mess I looked like so when day it all came off.
The past couple of months I was letting the beard grow in again and I sort of liked it almost to the point I was going to get some white hair dye to make it all one color. This morning I woke up and decided to shave the beard off.
What do you think? Aye or Nay? Yes or No? Beard or Not?


Martin, you are fabulous whatever facial hair you are displaying :P


Agree with Calvin, Martin... you wear it well - beard or no beard!


Calvin and Mark I must compliment you on your good taste--can't argue with what you say! I wear the beard for a year to get those who like beards and then shave it off for a year to get those who don't like them. So when can I expect you guys?

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