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182 VIDEOS!!!

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On April 22, 2012 I made my first attempt at making a film clip and posting it on YouTube and here it is

It’s noisy because I didn’t know about speakers on a digital camera but it got me started.

I am not sure how many videos I have posted since then because I have seen two figures: one saying 176 and another 182 but I do know it is time to delete many of them! (SORRY GUYS--NO PORN--NOT INTO IT! LOL)

I have videos of:

1) Gateway, where I live, showing all of the inside and outside of the apartments, the streets and avenues surrounding us plus the many things that make living here special.
2) The Point which is at the east end of the property overlooking Karen Bay with the yachts, canoes, paddleboards, kayaks, fish, manatees, birds, surrounding areas, all offering never ending amazing sights whether during the day or at Midnight.
3) Every aspect of my apartment that has changed over the 3 years of filming as I am constantly moving things around.
4) Dogs, cats, flowers, trees and people that make up Gateway.
5) The Gateway Theatre where I spend a lot of Fridays and sometimes Tuesdays.
6) Christmas decorations put up by residents every year, always changing.
7) Odd ones like my growing Romaine lettuce or a sweet potato vine.
8) Restaurants that I like and those I don’t like.
9) Food pictures
10) Videos wishing people a Happy Birthday.

And in the past 6 months I learned, and have gone crazy, with making slideshows!

I just put on my ‘monthly list of things to do’ to go over the videos and slideshows and delete those that aren’t relevant anymore, like a few restaurants that have closed!

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