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Though we walked in about 15 minutes before their lunch operating time was over Richard, the owner, greeted us with a smile and, because of my apologizing for coming in so close to their closing time between lunch and dinner, politely, without any pressure implied, asked us to get our order in before 2:30.

Before I talk about the food and service let me say that the last time I had been here it was a Spanish restaurant with a completely different look. The inside is a lot bigger than you would think from the outside and the owners have completely redone the restaurant and bar area, the latter a huge separate room, a very big, bright and inviting space. The dining room is large, separated into 3 different areas, one for private parties, each very ‘rich’ looking and comfortable. The main dining room is dominated by a huge gold Buddha.

Ryan and his helper, whose name I didn’t catch, were very efficient and pleasant and the former had a smile that was as bright as the Buddha’s!

Allen ordered the Mandarin Chicken ($12.50) which was a cut up chicken breast on rice with an orange sauce and a side of Spring vegetables. With it he had a glass of Organic Jasmine Peach Iced Tea ($2). He thought there should have been more sauce on the plate to give some taste to the rice nor was he thrilled with the chicken ‘bites’. I had the Kalbi Combo ($12.50) which is grilled marinated Korean short ribs with Jasmine rice and a side of Spring vegetables. With it I had a fountain diet coke ($2.) The meat was cut way too thin and cooked too long that it almost tasted like the proverbial ‘shoe leather’. It seemed as if it had been sitting in the kitchen for an extended period.

In spite of the disappointment in the food when we got in a conversation with Richard he talked a lot about the Sunday Brunch Buffet, for $22.95, that interested me enough to want to come to it.

I did like two things that they did on the check that I don’t often see. The first is they tell you how much each person in the party owed if they were splitting the check and how much the tip would be at 3 different percentages BEFORE any discounts! We had a groupon so instead of lunch costing us $36.74 including tip and tax we paid $25.

Between Richard, Ryan, his helper, the ambiance and that Buddha, I certainly will give the Dapur Asian Tapas and Lounge another chance.


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