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My list seems to be ever ending--I think of 1 title and dozens leap to mind--so if I don't want to spend the rest of my life on this series I guess I'll have to end it after this entry--oh, maybe, one more with just a list of films )

"Cabaret" and how I came to love it--I had seen the original Broadway production in a preview and my buddy and I both thought it wouldn't last a week! (Shows you what we knew.) I didn't particularly look forward to the movie version but I had no choice when I took a trip to New Zealand/Australia from Memphis--it was shown on EVERY flight I was on coming and going---Memphis to Dallas to Hawaii to the islands-to Auckland to Sidney and the return trip back--Liza was too good a singer (back then) for the role of Sally Bowles who is suppose to be third rate--I finally succumbed to it and have watched it multiple times since

"Notorious" Bergman and Grant are HOT as soon to be lovers and their chemistry is sizzling--I love Claude Rains as the 'mama's boy'--and there are a few scenes (such as the wine cellar one or their coming down the stairs) that make you hold your breath.

"Torch Song"--"Johnny Guitar"--"The Female On The Beach"--"The Best of Everything"--"Whatever Happened To Baby Jane"--"Humoresque"--I was never that much of a Crawford fan but these movies are favorites of mine--if you haven't seen Torch Song YOU MUST--Joan in black face--Joan showing off her legs and making sure the line, the lighting, etc., are all perfect--in Johnny Guitar she and Mercedes McCambridge are the 'butch-est' females ever! --Female has her being 'used' by Jeff Chandler and Jan Sterling out for revenge--what's there left to say about Baby Jane--a classic--Humoresque has her as the rich society dame 'sponsoring' John Garfield--pathos--classical music--and the classic ending--Joan walking into the ocean! (Johnny Guitar will be on TCM Wednesday May 20)

"Mommie Dearest"--okay, how can you mention Joan without mentioning this movie? Faye Dunaway brilliant (though 'beaten up by Hollywood for making the movie and her career never really survived the glory she previously experienced) and one of the 'campiest' movies ever made--who doesn't know "NO WIRE HANGERS!"

"Running On Empty" Christine Lahti (I love her)--Judd Hirsch--River Phoenix--antiwar activists as fugitives trying to give their children a normal life and the child who has to make a decision which means he may never see his parents again.

"Without a Trace" Kate Nelligan (a very underrated actress) is intense, heartbreaking in this story of her young child who goes missing on his way to school.

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