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And the titles keep on coming but I'll finish it today.

"The Fan" with Lauren Bacall is every inch a star who has a young, male fan obsessed with her--a good suspense mystery that was underrated at the time it came out--with Maureen Stapleton and James Garner

"Ordinary People" Mary Tyler Moore is no perky Mary in this one--excellent directorial debut by Robert Redford--Timothy Hutton deservedly won supporting actor and Donald Sutherland at his best.

"Love Story" okay so I weep every time I see it in spite of the sappy story and the bad acting--one of my guilty pleasures (And I will be seeing Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal this July on stage in “Love Letters”.)

"The Color Purple" a sweeping epic--acting excellent, especially by Whoopie (I wish she would make more movies like this then the garbage she has been in--with the exception of "Sister Acts")--Spielberg did a fine job--too bad they cut the lesbian angle.

"Lost Weekend"--"The Snake Pit"--"Pinky"--"When A Man Loves A Woman" so called message pictures but all powerful--the first and last one deal with alcoholism--the second with insane asylums and the third with 'passing'.

"Psycho" people stopped taking showers--moviegoers were not allowed to be seated after movie starts--the co-star, Janet Leigh, dies in the first 40 minutes of the picture--Perkins is a camp as his mother--yes, deservedly a 'classic' and now TV has a “Bates Motel” examining the relationship between Norman and his mother.

"Jaws" to this day people look for sharks in the ocean--the music sets the tone--even the fake shark is serious!

"Stage Beauty" Maybe because it sounded like "Shakespeare In Love" it bombed at the box office but shouldn't have--stars so bright, good actors of today--Billy Crudup and Claire Danes--as the ad said, "She was the first of her kind. He was the last of his." I didn't like "Shakespeare In Love" but I loved this.

"Vera Drake" a brilliant, unmissable, unforgettable film--worth seeing more than once just for the performance of Imelda Staunton for which she received an Oscar nomination

"De-Lovely" not the best musical biography ever made but probably the most underrated--fine score (though I do cringe at some of the pop singers they had sing them)--Kevin Kline IS Cole Porter but he sings a lot better than he had to in this movie.

"A Beautiful Mind" a beautiful picture--Crowe was robbed of the Oscar--a love story, a mystery, a true life genius--all comes together.

Okay, I have hundreds and hundreds of more films---Lenny, I Could Go On Singing. The Strange One, The Shrike, Priest, Priscalla--the Queen Of The Desert and on and on but I'll stop here )

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