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“Trainwreck” centers on Amy Schumer’s character, also called Amy, who was taught by her father (Colin Quin) that monogamy is not realistic or normal and we next meet her 23 later when she is the male version of most leads in romantic comedies such as Jim Carey, Will Farrell and that ilk. She is rude, crude, very promiscuous and doesn’t believe in spending a whole night with any of her tricks. (I did/do identify with the latter!)
Schumer also wrote the script which is basically ‘boy (Bill Hader as Aaron Conners) meets girl Hollywood cute, boy loses girl so the boy gets girl ending can happen. Whether it is due to Schumer, or the director Judd Apatow, there is a lot of male nudity, mainly full backsides, with one exceptional funny almost frontal nudity, and very little female nudity though Amy is shown in many sex scenes--almost always wearing a bra if not fully clothed.
Billed as a comedy I will say the audience, consisting of equal men and women, were laughing through most of it. I smiled here and there but didn’t have a really good laugh until 1 hour and 55 minutes into the 2 hour and 2 minute movie. I was also touched in 2 scenes and shook my head in a couple of scenes that seemed to be from another movie.
This is the first time I have really seen Amy Schumer and I enjoyed her performance but wondered if in real life she only wears too short skirts! I admired Bill Hader in last year’s “The Skeleton Twins” and he has a lot of chemistry with Schumer. Watching her first serious relationship, and the problems she has with it, makes for a different romantic comedy as does the leads not being pretty picture actors.
Due to Hader’s profession in the movie, as a sports medicine doctor/surgeon, there are a lot of cameos by sports names plus, as usual, in any Apatow movies there are cameos by names who don’t get billing until the end credits. Of the sports figures in the movie LeBron James has more than a cameo role playing himself as a skinflint cheap, and concerned friend of the doctor, being naturally funny and has a one on one basketball scene with Hader that cracked the audience up! Also in the film is Brie Larson as Schumer’s sister who is the complete opposite in her relationship of Amy with her husband, Mike Birbiglia. John Cena’s as Amy’s dumb, muscle bound, everything he says comes out with gay connotations, current friend with benefits and Tilda Swinton as her very strange boss are welcome additions as are Randall Park and Vanessa Bayer as co-workers. Norman Llyod, a 100 year old actor who has been working since 1932, adds some humor as a resident of the old folk’s home where Amy’s father is living.

Now, in the genre of “Bridesmaids” and “Spy”, “Trainwreck” furthers the reality that women can get as low as men. Is that a good thing?

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