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It has been awhile since we went to Le Bonn Crepe but Groupon was offering a coupon so off we went.
Le Bonn has been a mainstay on Los Olas Boulevard for many years but I stay away from that area because of the parking situation but we lucked out this time, mainly because Allen has a handicap placard.
Le Bonn Crepe is deceptive in that with a few tables outside, a few when you walk in but then there is a ‘back room’ that immediately increases their capacity.
We were greeted immediately by the hostess and seated with the server right behind her. I am usually good at getting a server’s name, especially when they are good and she was and I didn’t! I apologize. In most cases I will take a receipt where their name is but in this case I didn’t.
We arrived about 2 PM and there were two parties outside and about three inside. By the time we left the dining room was almost full. During the summer what tourists we get are usually foreigners who eat a little bit later than Americans so that is expected.
They have a large menu with many crepes under different categories of cheese, chicken, dessert, etc., which are numbered plus non-crepe options. Allen had the #30 Vegetarian, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus and ratatouille ($15) while I had #5 Gruyere cheese, Italian sausage, mushrooms and béchamel ($14). He had a soda ($2.50) while I had coffee ($.2.50) The crepes were big, very tasty and expensive but part of that price is being on Los Olas!
We were discussing splitting a crepe dessert or going a few shops down to Kilwin’s for some ice cream and decided we were okay as is so I have been patting myself on the back since we left!
It was pleasant sitting in the air conditioned dining room, the food was good and the service was excellent. With the Groupon we saved $11 so with tax and tip our checked came to $34.04, a bit expensive for lunch but about the norm in Fort Lauderdale.
Le Bonn Crepe is a pleasant experience and a nice treat every once in awhile.


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