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Yes it is HOT and HUMID in Fort Lauderdale at this time of the year but just by walking around you will feel a breeze and be cooler--or so I tell myself!

1. In the title photo and this first photo is Biscuit--Richard’s dog--who is scratching his own back since his owner is busy in the swimming pool!
2. It is very rare to look up and not see a bird somewhere surveying the area.
3. The Queen Crepe Myrtles are at the end of their flowering but there is always one hold out.
4. Looking from my east window--I have to get a close up of those red ‘flowers’!
5. Even lizards seek out the shade in Fort Lauderdale in the summertime.
6. Ah, the Morning Glory seeds I bought in March at the Dollar Tree are finally blooming--now if I will only get up in the morning!
7. One of my favorites--the mushrooms I get at the Farmer’s Market.
8 & 9. Okay folks I need some help here--what kind of palm is this and is the fruit edible?
10. Broken palm fronds which are here, there and everywhere. In ‘the old days’ cities would pay $10 you if you got hit by a falling frond or a coconut--I don’t think they do that anymore.
11. There is always something going on at The Point!
12. Beware of the wild life at the Gateway Terrace apartments!




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