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The rainy ‘season’ in South Florida usually starts mid-May, late June but this year (global warming?) it did hit until this past week and it hit hard. Some areas got 3 inches of rain another area had a tornado and even with a light drizzle the property at Gateway doesn’t take to rain easily and when it pours watch out!
Most of the land in this section of Florida is/was built on coral so it doesn’t take long to become saturated and overspill wherever it goes. It was pouring so hard this morning that I was going to change my plans for the day if it was still going so strong around Noon but by then the sun came out anf it was sunny for 3 hours before the lightening and thunder started and the rains once again came!
In the ‘old days’ it would rain in the early morning, clear up for the tourists to hit the beach and then around 4 PM the rain would start again to give those same tourists to go back to their hotel room, shower and take a nap with the rain stopping, the sun coming out, the humidity rising and time to go out for dinner. Now that pattern has changed as it can rain anytime and sometimes all day--global warming?
Be sure not to miss the last picture--it is the latest in rainwear--from the Dollar Tree store with that famous (in his own mind) model!!
PS Rainy/wet streets/sidewalks are NOT for filp-flops!
C&P and put in URL It is worth it if only for the last photo!

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