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“Living well is the best revenge” and I do my best to live well under the circumstances!
September was a good month even though the rainy season, late arriving, hit with a bang for a few days. It has now settled down to the usual heavy rain in the morning, clear in the afternoon and, maybe rain in the afternoon .
I love going to the movies and eating out and in September did both. The movies were (photo 1) “Learning To Drive” okay (2) Mistress America” which is definitely one of the worst of the year (3) “Black Mass” with a superb performance by Johnny Depp in a so-so movie (4) “Grandma” with an award winning performance by Lily Tomlin (5) “The Intern” with a glowing Anne Hathaway and a glaring one by Robert De Niro plus (6) “Stonewall” which is a very much fictionalized story of what happened in June 1969 but still an excellent picture.
Also ate at a variety of restaurants from a 5 star (7) Café Vico where I will be having my 20th Leap Year birthday on Monday, February 29, 2016, where I will be giving a sit down dinner and will eventually post the menu to two new restaurants (8) The Copacabana, a Brazilian buffet and (14) “Buenos Aires” also Brazilian--neither was particularly good. Also went to a few standard restaurants like (13) IHOP where I go for their cheese omelet with a side of pancakes (10) one of Allen’s favorites “Boston Market” (10) and an old diner that I haven’t been to in awhile but they are always reliable (11) Peter Pan and (9) Subway to try their new Korean pulled pork bbq. We did go to (12) the Outback Steakhouse for their steak and all you can eat shrimp special--yes they lost money on me.
There was also our (15) free bagel Saturdays and the dollar a pound Farmer’s Market both of which I avail myself--did I even have to tell you that? I did a post on John’s art (16) and Chuck’s art (17) plus there is always Mother Nature’s art (18, 19 & 20). Allen’s friend Mac came down from Toronto for a week (21) and last, but not least, I have found a new favorite picture (22)--don’t you love it? LOL
Looking forward to October with the return of theatre season on the 6th of the touring company of “Once” though I may be ‘out of action’ for awhile which I will explain about when I know more!
Here’s to another month of waking up every morning and living a good life!


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