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There is something definitely wrong with a restaurant that serves 5 dishes cool to lukewarm when they should be served hot and that was my experience at the Siam Cuisine restaurant. Add to that an unsmiling wait staff and it all comes to a very disappointing first time experience.
Allen had eaten here a few times before and seemed to enjoy it so when I saw a groupon I figured it would be a good time for me to try it. The groupon offer was ‘pay $24 for $40 worth of food’. The reason I mention that is because we decided instead of ordering off the dinner menu we would have a variety of dishes from the lunch menu.
A minor complaint is that the front of the restaurant was about three-quarters full and we were first seated in the back which normally I wouldn’t have minded but it was dark and somewhat isolated there so Allen asked for a table nearer the windows which offered more light.
Allen had a diet coke ($2) while I had coffee ($2) and water but didn’t’ get the latter until I asked again a bit later. We started off with a tasteless Spring ($2.50) followed by Sweet ‘N Sour Shrimp ($8.95), Pepper steak ($6.95), Pad Thai with Pork ($7.95) and Cashew Chicken ($8) all served with white rice and on very heavy plates--maybe that’s why the server didn’t smile? In any case they probably would have tasted better if they were all served hot but, alas, weren’t.
For dessert we shared a fried banana with fried ice cream ($5) which was a fairly large portion and tasty.
The check with tax ($2.50) and tip ($9) came to $54.85 minus the $16 from groupon.
The prices were okay, the portions large, the service fine, the ambience pleasant and, sitting by the window, nice ‘eye candy’ walking by but being served lukewarm food is a big no-no to me so I won’t be going back.
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