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As much as I love discovering new restaurants there are always a few that I enjoy going to every once in awhile and one of those are the Sweet Tomatoes chain. The first time I went there I thought I would be eating healthy--WRONG!!! They have so many good things, each waiting to undermine any diet you might be on!
Just by looking at these photos in the slideshow you could gain a couple of pounds!! Oh yes they have several salads--all loaded with dressings and/or sauces. The photos from #2 to # 7 show the variety of muffins, cakes, pastas, flavored pizza like flatbreads and then #8 and #9 show just some of their soups--all delicious--all full of fats and sodium but oh so good like New England clam chowder with bacon, corn chowder, roasted vegetable soup, ratatouille, a good hearty chili, just to name a few .
And then the desserts: soft vanilla, chocolate and swirl ice cream, carrot cake (!), lava chocolate cake, strawberry mousse, tapioca and, yes, fresh fruits! Well at least I have gotten out of the habit of taking a chocolate brownie muffin on the way out! And all this for only $8.50!
It seems most times I go there are when I see a movie at one of the Regal theatres as the Sweet Tomatoes restaurants are always in the same shopping centers.
In 2008 I had my 18th Leap Year birthday party there!


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