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(Terry, Allen, Me, Chuck)

Okay it is no secret that I like to eat—even more in restaurants and even better with friends. After chasing all over Broward county—will get to that in the next post!---and knowing that Terry liked Big Louie’s from previous visits we went there for a late lunch. I had thought we would have a pizza, salad and garlic rolls but it didn’t work out that way. We did get an order salad rolls but they weren’t as good as they usually are. I had a Stromboli, Chuck had a combination platter and Terry had a Philly steak sandwich—in an Italian restaurant? No comment. :O)
The next day—and I am sure they were excited—they joined me and Allen on our usual Thursday rounds—The Dollar Tree, the bank (it was the 3rd when I get my SS check) and Winn-Dixie. In between we went to the Quarterdeck for lunch.
On Friday instead of going to a movie (and the world didn’t stop because I didn’t go to a movie on Friday!) since they weren’t going to be here for my birthday I took them to the Café Vico where THE big party will be Monday, February 29, 2016. At least they got to meet Marco. Once again, for some reason, the garlic rolls weren’t good and they are served different than those at Big Louie’s.
The next day it was Saturday and they were gone!! Aside from seeing them it was good sitting around and talking to them and I was really happy to spend some time with them. They did go to the Stonewall library, the Gay Pride Center, The Stonewall Museum, the beach, among other places—and they did get to see me! (Hush, Terry!)
Terry and Chuck run a B & B in Memphis, Tennessee, so if you are ever heading that way be sure to book their place. Due to Terry’s back problems the guys didn’t stay with me but they did get a good deal through the airb&b web site—an apartment completely furnished in the heart of everything. I suggest anyone coming down here for my birthday look into it.
Part 3 of surprising me will talk about other ways these two guys surprised me—now if they would only take me up on my hints about a convertible car with a year’s auto insurance PLUS coming down for my birthday!!



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