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In 2008, for my 18th Leap Year birthday Chuck and Terry came to Fort Lauderdale to help me celebrate and on the advice of a mutual friend they got me a George Foreman Grill—something I didn’t need and something I didn’t use until 7 years later—this year. (And I love it.) Not being shy on November 22 I posted a blog called MY WANT/NEED/WISH BIRTHDAY GIFT LIST--BY DEMAND OF CHUCK AND MARY!! And I did just that, listing about 30 different items, in all price ranges. There were a couple of unrealistic wants/needs/wishes like a red convertible Chevrolet or Caddie with a year’s worth of auto insurance. On the list was a new desktop computer but I got a good deal, before Terry & Chuck came down, for one with Windows 10 already in it so that wasn’t on the list anymore. I had emailed Chuck and told him about it because I knew I would need his help getting it going. (Chuck is my computer guru having given me my first computer back in the 1990s—wonder how many times since then he cursed that decision?) Making a long story short the three of us spent Wednesday, December 2 traveling all over the world—well Broward county—because Terry wanted to get the new computer chair (on the list) at a Costco’s—long story short we went everywhere except where I suggested but eventually they bought the chair across the street from where they were staying at The Office Depot!! (Not that I will remind him 5,000 times!) So that was another item I can cross off the list. I must say I was really surprised when on Friday they showed up with a great collapsible shopping cart! I had talked about the new owners here had changed the rules about the carts we had around the property, so we could get our packages upstairs, by getting rid of them which would make it a little hard for me to get my groceries up 3 flights of stairs—see the picture just of last Thursday’s shopping at the Dollar Tree and Winn-Dixie. Okay maybe I mentioned it about 40 times but they didn’t HAVE to get me one!!! So now I had to take off 3 items from my want/need/wish birthday list! I started hinting about the car and auto insurance but so far no luck!! (Mmm—maybe they are going to surprise me on my birthday?)


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