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It has become sort of a tradition that we go to the Thanksgiving OR Christmas buffet at the Isles casino and having missed Thanksgiving it was going to be Christmas. I called the casino to check the price and the woman who answered said that it was $19.99. For some reason--maybe memory--that didn't sound right and I called again Thursday night and was told it was $26.99 which sounded more reasonable for a Christmas Day buffet.
We got there at 1:30 PM and expecting a line I had brought 2 magazines to read while we waited but to my surprise we paid and were seated by 1:48 PM! Oh wait! I was more than shocked to see we had been charged $15.89 including a soft drink and tax!
The buffet and food stations seemed unlimited and if you look at the slideshow at the bottom of this you will see just what I ate---yes I am a big eater and buffets were made for me!
The standout items were the ham, steak, Chinese ribs while the pizza slicers were okay. None of the fried foods from the wings, shrimps and Chinese food varieties were cold and very salty. The meatballs were like rocks and the net of a 'Maine pot' was not only difficult to get at but the corn and potato were cold, the shrimp,mussels and crayfish tasteless and I couldn't find any drawn butter so it was a total loss. I didn't have the sushi, turkey, pasta or any of the salads except for the seafood salad which was too watery, salty and not good at all.
Being a sweet eater I had 5 different desserts including the carrot cake and nut cinnamon bun and the latter would have been better if warm. The soft ice cream was soft and that is about all I can say on that item.
There is definitely a huge variety of items and more than enough for even fussy eaters to choose from but it would have been better if all the items offered were good and served at the right temperature!
There is no denying the price is right for what is good and we will be back next year!
Isle Farmer's Pick Buffet in Pompano Park


1, 2 & 3 Entrance to casino and Allen
4-6 Just 3 of the many food stations
7-13 Just what I (YES!) ate

14 The winning penny slot machine (More about that in another post!)

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