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Found me a good doctor---finally!!!

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I met my new primary doctor today--I was really impressed with him--we went over ALL my medical history--then my meds and he cut 3 out as unnecessary--he spent more time with me than any doctor (except a surgeon) has in 10 years--I was really impressed! Plus they have van service to and from their office which after what I went through these past 3 weeks with (and without getting) rides is the biggest plus!!
He is from Nicaragua but has been here 30 years and it seems he does a lot of things in the office that other doctors have sent me to 'specialists' for. Basically he says that he would like to see me every 2 months for blood and lab work which I can have any time and the following week to sit down with me and go over the results. He feels I have been stabilized enough with my blood thinner to just test once or twice a month instead of every week and the same with high blood pressure. All in all pleased.
Oh yes I told him I was gay--I tell all my doctors--and his reaction was "So what?" I love him!!!!

Then there is the adventure with the eye doctor--long story short I went for new glasses September 27 and finally got them last Saturday but.... After going to see my primary I went to eye doctor--last time I was there I gave them something they had to fill out about my last eye exam for the motor vehicle department or I could lose my license--that's right--they didn't send it because they had to take a 'special' test--and, by the way, no one there is responsible for my not getting my glasses for 3 and a half months nor they that had to redo the tests and send the lens out again since when I did get the glasses they weren't 'right'!!

My friend Lance is getting his hip replaced, my friend David had a scare as they thought his cancer may have returned but it is old scar tissue that has to be 'scrapped' off and he is losing a month's pay which is hard for him and his partner Dale--and we aren't talking about old people--these are kids in their 40s and 50s!!!


I always wanted a Doctor to use a probe up my ass.


Glad to hear about that you got a good doctor. All the best!

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