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I may be in the minority but I didn't find one redeeming feature in this movie unless you like hearing the 'F" word constantly, like watching the jerky motions of the characters, like to see people lighting up cigarettes every 2 minutes and tell a story that has been done so many times and so much better before.
Granted I do not understand, nor am I attracted to, what is referred to as a ‘stop motion’ made with puppets film but a boring film is a boring film. You might be attracted to seeing anatomicaly correct puppets showing both male and female frontal nudity but you can go to an all night sex shop to see it.
“Anomalisa” is simply a story of a man, Michael Stone, who sees the whole world made up of robots, people who are and act alike, until he meets a woman, Lisa, who is a fan of this motivational speaker book writer, and seems to be a ray of sunshine in his gray world.
Aside from all the characters acting in one note they also speak in the same monotone voice except for Michael voiced by David Thewlis and Lisa voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh. All the other voices, whether male or female, child or adult, are voiced by one person, Tom Noonan.
Though I feel Anonmalisa” would have been much better with live actors I still don’t think it would have been an interesting enough film to warrant your attention even then. It is different but not in an interesting way!

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