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January 21st--winning an addiction battle!

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When I was very young--back in the Ice Age--I was diagnosed as having an addictive personality and that I would have to be careful in life. In many ways I found out this was true in so far as anything went I didn't practice moderation.
I was addicted to food which I have to fight 24/7. I was addicted to smoking which after 60 years of smoking 2-3 packs a day it took an aorta valve replacement operation in 2008 that made me stop smoking. I also had an addiction to sex that only age has slowed it down.
The hardest battle,and most personally destructive addiction I had,was to alcohol for 26 years. I won't get into all I went through with it but just want to say that I had my last taste of alcohol exactly 35 years ago today. I won't even have any food cooked in alcohol nor will I have any medicines, like cough syrup, that has any alcohol. It is something I am very proud of though the only time I talk about it is on January 21.
By the way I also met the love of my life that year who just happens to have been born on January 21---way before 1981!! Happy Birthday Bill.
Have you ever battled an addiction? Have you won?

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