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Do you still go to the movies?

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I LOVE the movies--the actual experience of going to a movie, buying popcorn and a soda, sitting down and getting 'lost' in the dark--in fact I very seldom if ever buy a DVD unless I have seen it in a theatre first.
Is movie going too low class for people? Yes, I know all the arguments, such as rudeness, cell phones, prices, having to sit through a whole movie, etc., but even then people don't seem to write discuss DVDs they have seen.
Are movies not a part of today's generation? That's hard to believe when the latest Star Wars has made a billion dollars!
I love to read reviews AFTER I have seen a movie--I like to read whether people agree or disagree with me and why--I like to find out people's tastes and one of the better ways is to read what they have to say about them.
Everyday I search into for movies here and discussions/reviews are so seldom listed. Those that have been made from India, England, etc., open a whole world--not to mention reading about a movie that I may have missed or wasn't aware of.
Come on, people, if you see a movie, even if on a DVD (now I'm being snobbish!


) let us know how you feel about it--if for no other reason than to make me happy--don't you want to make me happy?!

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